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Aug 13, 2009 03:21 PM

Romantic Restaurant with Views in NYC

So I am from California and surprising my girlfriend by taking her to NYC to propose to her. I want to propose to her at a romantic restaurant. I am 29 years old and have only been to NYC twice. I know the restaruants change so quickly so any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. A restaurant with the ability to rent or use a private room that has a view of the city would be a major plus. Thanks.

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  1. For the best views you need to go out of Manhattan. Try the River Cafe, where the food is reportedly actually good. Many places with a view have terrible food.

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    1. The restaurant with the best view -- the Manhattan skyline -- is actually across the East River, in Brooklyn. It's the River Cafe. They have a private room with that view.

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        I don't know about a private room, but you can get a table by the large picture window. The River Café is actualy on a barge ancored to the mainland. Service is wonderful and the food is very good, but not the best you can get in NYC.

      2. The River Cafe is wonderful.

        As an alternative (seeing that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience) you could secure a room in any of the fine hotels on Central Park South, specifying that you must have a Park view. Then, get room service. When dinner's finished, you could always take one of those horse-drawn carriage rides through the park, which is ultra-ultra romantic...

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            About four years ago, we stayed at the Helmsley hotel on Central Park South. The room (park view) was just lovely. We got a suite.

            I shamelessly went to Barney Greengrass and got smoked fish and other appetizers, and stopped at a wine store and bought some lovely wines (and a little Chambord to make kir). I felt a little self-conscious walking past the concierge with my bags but I wasn't stopped. We spent the whole day up there, lounging around, and loving the fall foliage that'd just started to come out in the Park.

            You'll get a good deal, too. *All* the hotels and restaurants in NYC are hurting 'cause of the economy. Good luck and God bless you and your gal!

        1. Asiate has a killer view of Central Park, and very good food (although I've only been for lunch). It's not super romantic, but it's certainly worth considering.