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Aug 13, 2009 03:06 PM

What restaurants should I not miss in Philadelphia & King of Prussia?

Hi there:

I will be in King of Prussia PA & Philly for 3 weeks for business and would really appreciate suggestions for "can't miss" restaurants. Am open to anything good but want to avoid chains. I'm a big fan of Korean, Thai and authentic Chinese food (the posts on soup dumplings look great) but am basicly throwing myself on the mercy of local Chow-philes. Thanks in advance for your help--I really appreciate it!

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  1. Where are you coming from? Since you already found the soup dumpling posts for Philly Chinatown area, try Han Dynasty 2 in Royersford (15 min from KOP) for authentic Sichuan. Thai L'Elephant in Phoenixville is not bad for well ... Thai.

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      KOP is almost all chain restaurants, sorry to say. I like the brew pub in the may be a chain but the beer is made on premises and is very good.

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        True that KOP has many chains, especially as you get closer to the mall. However, there are some little gems within 10-15 minute drive, to name a few:

        Kebab Cafe - Wayne (Gateway shopping center)
        Alba in Malvern
        Jimmy's BBQ in Malvern/Frazer
        Classic Dinner in Malvern/Frazer
        Han Dynasty in Royersford
        Majolica in Phoenixville

        Given, this is not in line with the Asian cuisine the poster requested.

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          Wow, I live in Royersford and don't recall anyone mentioning Han Dynasty. When I googled it, it looks like it may be the old Win Buffet? With percyn recommending I will definitely have to try!!!

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        Totally second the Han Dynasty recommendation- my fave "Chicken and Dumplings" Chicken with hot dry peppers and dumplings in chili oil, mmmmm!

        1. If you have a car and are adventurous, there is a Korean area in North Philadelphia that has some good restaurants. Here is an article about it from the local paper:

          Kim's BBQ is the classic Korean BBQ pick but as the article shows, there are lots of other choices. There is also a new Korean BBQ place downtown called Miga which is very good, but definitely geared towards a mainstream crowd--although I have seen many Koreans there.

          Thai is probably not worth it anywhere in the city, at least. Not sure about the suburbs. If you like Vietnamese, there is a Little Saigon in South Philadelphia. My pick for dinner is Nam Phuong, although some don't like it, it is definitely authentic despite the many non-Vietnamese who have discovered it. There are a handful of Pho of Bahn Mi joints down there and none are bad. The two big intersections are S. 11th & Washington Ave and S. 6th & Washington Ave, both with shopping centers you can explore.

          If you are really adventurous there is a more raw Cambodian community in deep South Philly with some small but good restaurants, on S. 8th St around Jackson.

          1. From KOP you are not too far from three Korean restaurants. The closest is August Moon in Norristown. They serve BBQ and classic sauteed dishes. I can't remember if they have hot pots. They do have sushi as well. I love their spicy pork with kimchi and rice cake.

            If you go to a little further to Blue Bell, you can choose between Korea Garden and Gaya. Korea Garden serves BBQ, Hot pots, lots of stews and sauteed dishes. Their spicy octopus is great. Gaya has the best BBQ in my opinion and their spicy pork with tofu and kimchi rocks. The atmosphere is very nice and they have the widest variety of banchan. If you go to just one, choose Gaya.

            Don't eat near the mall, the restaurants are all really bad.

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              Thank you all for your suggestions--I am looking forward to trying Gaya and exploring the Cambodian community in South Philly. Will post after traveling.

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                Can't wait, the Cambodian area is not well covered at all! I know I said it was near 8th & Jackson above, but it's actually 7th St, not 8th. I'd love to hear opinions about specific spots and dishes from someone who knows the food. Go early, nothing is open past 7pm and the area can be sketchy after dark if you don't know the lay of the land (actually, it is kind of sketchy during the day, too--rule of thumb is that North and West are both better directions to head than East or South). It's a small strip so if you exhaust it, you can check out the Vietnamese spots near 11th & Washington and the Italian Market starting at 9th & Washington.