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Aug 13, 2009 02:47 PM

Some places around Columbia Flower Market, Shoreditch/Tower Hamlets, London

• St*Art (hope I got the name right)
A deep espresso, smooth dark and very suavely bitter, with a lingering spicy note the at end.

• Treacle
Pretty good and very gingery ginger ice cream, with all the shiny, sparkly accoutrements one could ask for. Moderately dense and rich and fairly smooth. Cute cupcake with a candied violet, nice and soft and sweet, balanced well with the frosting on top.

• Jones Dairy Cafe
A basic smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. Not the most chewy bagel I've ever had (actually the bread at Ishbilla was even better) but passable. Not bad smoked salmon. Lovely, charming space.

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  1. Also try the Albion Caff, one of Terence Conran's latest ventures, on the corner of Boundary Road near Bethnal Green Road... I've only been for breakfast and takout pastries (the chocolate almond croissant was enormous - heavy with almond paste and chocolate - and kept me going till about 10pm, and only cost £1.65!)

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    1. re: fliss

      Many thanks, will do -- saw it while walking back from the flower market. Have you tried the restaurant or the grill?

      1. re: limster

        I've been to both Albion (the caff) and Boundary (the restaurant). Both are very good. Albion has great British comfort food for brunch/lunch and Boundary is more formal, French cooking - had lunch there a couple of weeks ago, a beautiful, creamy rich seafood gratin, followed by a whole quail, and a cheese trolley. Service is brilliant, and depending on what you order, can be quite theatrical (charcuterie from a trolley, served at the table etc). Would definitely go back, although it is rather pricey.

      2. re: fliss

        Will try it out tomorrow - although I can see on the website that the almond croissant now costs 2.65, almost twice as much as a year ago...

      3. You were luckier than us with Treacle - we went on Wednesday night and I'd bet good money our cupcake had been there since at least the Sunday before - it was as hard as a hocked puck, totally inedible and instead of brown like chocolate cupcakes should be it was grey.