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Aug 13, 2009 02:33 PM

Restaurant News Metuchen NJ

Was reading the local paper:

1. New - Hailey's Harp and Pub will be moving into where Sawadee Thai was 400 Main Street - the article does not say if Sawadee Thai has moved or gone out of business.

2. Mona Lisa Cafe will be opening at 567 Middlesex Avenue

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  1. Update:

    1. Spoke to Sawadee, he said that the article in the newspaper was premature to report. He is waiting for 'paperwork'. If anything they will be moving.
    They are OPEN for business.

    2. Mona Lisa Cafe is opening and will be the second location of the established Brooklyn Bakery.

    1. Hailey's Pub is currently scheduled to open on September 12. The owners say that their goal is to create a place that is a combination of Irish pub, sports bar and family restaurant. The mind boggles!

      Here are links to a recent article about Hailey's and to their web site. The web site is pretty bare bones right now.

      1. Based on the additional information provided, decided to Call Sawadee and the number is now DISCONNECTED.

        Sawadee Thai
        400 Main Street
        Metuchen, NJ 08840-1807
        (732) 549-8383

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        1. re: shabbystorm

          Hey there Hounds!

          My husband were on our evening walk and passed by on Thursday evening. The Thai menus and decorations were gone, brown paper on the windows... the owner and his wife (and adorable daughter who was running in and out of the place) were in there busy painting the walls a lovely gold color. Their Manager was in there too... we said hi, and talked to them a few minutes. They seem very nice, and some of the menu items sound rockin too! Will post again, if I see more on my next walk! (if the damned rain ever lets up...blech)

          1. re: Darquebrew

            It's open... going there tonight! Will keep you posted...

            1. re: tina6477

              fun, but nothing to write home about... greasy pub food. limited opening week menu, only got apps... potato skins, mozz sticks etc... will be back b/c it's the only pub in town. very friendly staff.

          1. re: MGZ

            Sugar Magnolia is Takin' Care of Business.
            Driving in random circles, the occasional train to NYC, lots of fun food out there.

            In terms of information that food geeks would like to hear, not much doing, plethora of mediocrity.