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Aug 13, 2009 02:28 PM

who's the Montreal cake boss ?

I need a special cake made for september 11; Sugar Rush cakes and Janice Cakes
are not taking any orders, does any one have any suggestions ?; I'm looking for a theme cake for 15 people, fondant topped such as Ace of Cakes do, or the Cake Boss.

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  1. I've heard good things about StregaNona Dolci: http://www.streganonadolci.com/index....

    There is also Gateaux Janice Cakes: http://www.gateauxjanice.com/en/scake...
    Pretty impressive!

      1. I don't think there is a place quite like the shop on Cake Boss... There are places for fancy cakes (like http://www.jessicaberardcakes.com/ or even Pekarna). The StregaNona Dolci cakes looked like they belong on CakeWrecks, though! They're not on the same level as the ones superbossmom are asking for.

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          Oh my goodness. Those decapitated pregnant belly cakes are horrifying!

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            thanks for all the suggestions, jessicaberardcakes has a minimum of $250 for any order , I was considering half of that for 15 people and I felt like I was splurging.
            DD is a roller derby girl and I wanted a cake in the shape of a skate; I think I'll settle for her team colors, purple and gold. I'm going to visit a few of the shops above and see what I want to order, thanks again, great list above.

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              I never posted a follow up but here's what I ended up doing; I ran out of time and went to de Gascogne on Laurier, they do a fondant covered vanilla cake but only in pastel colors and classic shapes, it was delicious and reasonably priced. They don't do the bright colors at all, I was told.

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