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Aug 13, 2009 02:23 PM

Caribbean Restaurant - Edmonton

Would anyone know of an authentic Caribbean restaurant in Edmonton. Apparently there used to be a great one a few years ago but I think its shut down now :(

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  1. Calabash cafe comes to mind,on 124th street, if you don't mind Caribbean time service. It has been around for a long time, if that is any indication of their success.

    We recently enjoyed South Indian food at the Masalaz/Caribbean Cafe, where a young couple has taken over an existing Caribbean cafe and added a South Indian menu. Given the quality of the Indian food we had and the kitchen's evident attention to detail I suspect their Caribbean food would be worth trying. It is located at 4218 66th St., in a strip mall, almost hidden completely by a gas station. Look for a sign that says "Caribbean Menu"

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    1. re: felix the hound

      Thanks for the heads up about the owner change. I haven't been in a a year or more, but was looking to go back one day. Behind the fas gas as Felix mentioned, or McDonald's if you need a bigger landmark.

      Also on the south side is Irie Foods..more of a grab and go, but solid jamaican patties and goat stew. What about Sit and Chat, I think it was even recently reviewed by the Journal or See..

      There was a place on the north side, fort road area...Tasty something..

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        Sit and Chat was reviewed on the Journal and Vue. Both reviews were generally favourable, although I must confess I don' usually put much stock on the Journal restaurant reviews
        10049-156 St • 484-5545

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          I stopped back in at Irie Foods yesterday and had the Oxtail. It was delicious. Rich, tender, and well seasoned. A pretty solid portion too. The rice and peas were great. The dumpling had some issues (dense spots) but I think it could be an individual thing. The side salad was very token.

      2. Unfortunately, Calabash on 124th is no more.

        The only suggestion I have is that the Blue Chair on the south side has an awesome caribbean style goat curry.

        1. Try Ms Vi's on Fort Road. It's not really a restaurant; it's a takeout spot. Order something and take it home and eat it.