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Aug 13, 2009 02:14 PM

Chinatown-Handicapped Accessible

We have not been to Chinatown for a while due to handicapped issues. Any suggestions on any restaurant (and cuisine) that we would be able to get in to with a wheelchair?
Looking forward to your replies.

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  1. One of the guys in a dimsum crew is in a wheelchair so I am quite familiar with this subject.

    Hei La Moon - downstairs has no elevator so must be seated upstairs which we prefer anyway. One step out front that he needs to be pulled over.

    China Pearl - Elevator access is available but its on the street behind CP in the lobby by the bank.

    Chau Chau City - Been a while for this one. They have an elevator going to the 2nd and 3rd floors. I think there might be a single step out front, cant recall.

    Winsor - No access. We have gone there several times but its VERY difficult to get him up those stairs and once inside its tough to move around and no bathroom access at all.

    Empire - Elevator access to the big theatre room upstairs.

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      nice list-- also Hong Kong Eatery

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        Thank you for your reply. We thought we might try Hei La Moon. Any recommendations for what to order?

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          Hei La Moon is most popular for dimsum, that is all i have had there basically. Around 11:00 on Sunday is the best time to go for this. They bring food around on carts and you pick whatever you like. At 11 there shouldnt be much more then 10-15min wait if any.