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Aug 13, 2009 02:02 PM

Obscenely Cheap in RI?

Places in Rhode Island that are ridiculously cheap? The kind of place where you wonder how on earth they stay in business. A limited menu is fine, and ambiance matters not a whit. For Parameters, let's say Entrees six dollars or so, and under... or, two people feast on a bunch of little things for under $15 dollars. I mean dirt cheap -- but obviously with tasty eats.

If you've ever been to Evanston, IL, I'm thinking "Pita Inn"-territory. (If you haven't, trust me, and go when you can: divine Greek food, with most things costing $3 or $4.)

Arepas on North Smithfield counts. Where else?

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  1. The raw quality has to be questioned. A simple Wopper meal is around $6.00 and they use ground beef that its whereabouts is unknown. Cheap food is Cheap Food.

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      When do you ever know where any ground beef is from, except in a restaurant that names the farm and the burger is over $10?

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      1. The mexican joints on Atwells past Federal Hill all are pretty cheap.

        1. apsara! land of cheap eats for years.

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            Flo's #1 Chowda Combo: cup of chowda, 3 clamcakes,
            soda or beer for $5.50 (Middletown)

              1. re: im hungry

                For chowder, clamcakes and a beer, people watching while looking out to the ocean, it's not a bad deal for $5.50....IMO.

          2. One gets what one pays for but.......Newhavener07 mentioned cheap (or should that be cheep?) chicken places. There is always Wright Farm in, I think, North Smithfield. Salad, pasta with an unimpressive red sauce, french fries and chicken all served family style for around $11 a person all you can eat. The place has all the atmosphere of the Port Authority bus terminal in New York and is about as big. Have to laugh at the sign in the loby saying that occupancy by more than 1,100 people is against the law. Yes it is that big and is full most nights. I go once a year with a bunch of friends just for the fun of it. Great place to people watch though certainly not my first choice for dinner! You did ask for cheap, though.

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              Great fries, very good chicken and salad.