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Aug 13, 2009 01:56 PM

East L.A Drunk Punks on Real Chinese Food: Delicious Food Corner

Thus, Josh bringing me to this new place across the street from his swim teaching gig he got, Delicious Food Corner, where he sweared--had the "bomb'est" Sweet & Sour Pork ever, his favorite. A little befuddled at first due to the absence of that Americanized Chinese bright red sauce that's usual in most East L.A steam tray Chinese Food places, he was relieved when I told him...relax! This is how it is SUPPOSED to be.

No wonder he loved this place, the plate came out like a Hungry Man meal and had quite a friendly cost for someone who would rather buy more beer and eat chips rather than pay for a full meal. Generous with thick slices of balanced-sweet, tinged Pork loin, garlicky Ong Choy and two craftfully medium fried, runny eggs on top of chewy steamed wonder!

The place was quite sprawling with regulars with a line out the door. Inside, people munched on snow-white crustless, halved sandwiches stuffed with Macau-style Pork Chops and fried spicy-salted Chicken Wings; the place served Hong Kong Style snacks out of absolute nowhere!

Curry with Fried Fish Balls snapped at the bite and was drowned in that rich, broth based Chinese Curry sauce--intensive in the infamous Five Spice aromatics.

for full pictures:

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  1. That place reminds me of Uncle John's Ham & Eggs in downtown LA. Good spicy pork chops and probably some of the gnarliest sweet and bbq sour pork you'll find ...

    Uncle John's Ham & Eggs
    433 West 8th St
    (213) 623-3555

    1. Is this the place?

      Delicious Food Corner
      2327 S. Garfield Avenue
      Monterey Park, CA 91754-7219