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Aug 13, 2009 01:43 PM

Grilled/fried Seafood/fish

We just returned from a Mediterranean cruise. We were able to enjoy grilled and fried seafood/fish in Greece, Spain and Italy. Other than Ayhans, can you recommend a place to get some really good variety of grilled/fried fish or seafood? We had grilled and fried sardines, very yummy. Also octopus salad as well as grilled. Anchovies and small fried fish called sprats. Can be appetizer portions as well as entree size. Thanks all.

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  1. A good selection of grilled whole fish (the way they usually serve it in the Mediterranean) can be found at Oceanos/Fair lawn. Lots of discussion about this place on other threads.

    Also a large selection of well prepared grilled fish at Greek Taverna/Montclair. Good value as well.

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      Thanks, but I guess I should have mentioned that I live on Long Island, Nassau County. Would travel a bit, but that is a little too far to go.