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Aug 13, 2009 01:40 PM

What do you think of Spuntini's in Yorkville?

Has anyone been to Spuntini's? My friends wanted to go to Dimmi but I've been before and wasn't impressed. I'd like to try something new

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    1. re: OnDaGo

      Its above Sotto Sotto. Its been years since i've been there but I do remember having a good meal.

    2. I go to Spuntini at least once a month, often more often. In all fairness their food is straightforward.. everything is tasty and well prepared but not a culinary revelation. The reason I keep going back is that the staff is unbelievable. Fernando the owner is the nicest man and will often sit and have a glass of wine with us at the end of the night. The service is ALWAYS impeccable. Those are the reasons why I go there more often than any other restaurant in the city.

      1. While I haven't been to Spuntini for over a year, I had gone once in a while before that. Like Joellita said, their food is straight forward. I've always enjoyed myself there. The food is good and service is good. The food isn't anything different nor standout, but consistently good. My favourite part of the restaurant is the balcony - if it's nice outside, ask for a table on the small balcony, it's got a wonderful atmosphere.