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Aug 13, 2009 01:21 PM

Denver: moving - looking for "my place"

Hi, Denver Hounds!

I am about to move to Denver from South Carolina with my dog. I would love some suggestions on local favorites. I plan on living in Westminster, but anything downtown or the Westminster side of it is fine.

Specifically, I'd love an artsy coffee shop with great sandwiches and desserts; places I can eat outdoors with my pup; and hopefully some Cantonese dim sum. I'm very supportive of small, local businesses.

To give you a taste of what I enjoy, my two favorite places in Greenville, SC:
Foothills Deli, a Panera-type place but local and fresh with a weekly special sandwich not on their menu.
And Cafe @Williams-Hardware: a family-run converted hardware store that serves brunch, sandwiches, and soups but cooks up whatever they feel like on an almost-daily basis and has live music on the patio on weekends - quiche, strata, crab cakes, monte cristo, etc
Both have wi-fi

Looking to get a meal for $5-15 -- inexpensive since I plan on frequenting.

Thanks so much! (Sorry so longwinded!)

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  1. Highlands in NW Denver is the closest part of the city to you, and it has all sorts of neat restaurants and cafes. You won't have to go far for great dim sum. As has been written about often on this site, Heaven Star (120th and Main) has some of the metro area's best assortment -- qualtty, quantity, variety.

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        I think the "my place" kind of thing is difficult. Vibes and such are so personal so it's hard to recommend a specific place like this where the vibe is so important. I have places I like that are closer to Boulder but I'm not a sit and camp at a coffee shop kinda girl.

    1. Since that's not my neighborhood, I can't help from a first-hand perspective. But this gets lots of good press:

      Closer to downtown, City 'o' City is a fave—I haven't eaten there, only drinks, but I like the vibe.

      1. I live in Westminster and its kind of a culinary wasteland. We end up eating in Downtown Denver a lot .
        For great coffee and sandwiches check out HiRise - a newish bakery/cafe on 22nd and Larimer. They make and bake everything there, have a dog friendly patio, free WiFi and free parking on 22nd St. Love their bagels and cinnamon rolls.