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Aug 13, 2009 01:17 PM

I'm cooking burgers with tallegio and topped with raw spinach- what kind of condiment?

I was thinking of mayo, but what flavor profile should i add?
I am open to any suggestions!
I am cooking for my husband for our anniversary and because of the economy we are having burgers, but want to make it special.

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  1. Oooo, can I come over for dinner?? I love burgers and those sound fantastic, even tho I'm stuffed from lunch!!

    Do you have time to roast the garlic? Love roasted garlic mayo with a touch of lemon. Does your DH mind spicy? Love a sriracha mayo, or chipotle mayo with a touch of lime. The more i think about the flavors, I think I would go with the roasted garlic. But then, I could eat the whole jarful ~ oink!

    1. I guess it would be over-the-top to crisp up some pancetta and sprinkle that on? It would add to the Italian-style cheeseburger thing you've got going there...

      1. With the Taleggio, perhaps something with oomph? I like Phurstluv's roasted garlic mayo idea (it's got roasted garlic - what's not to love?), but what about a spicy mayo with some cayenne and maybe some caramelized onions? (spicy mayo = mayo, a bit of lemon juice, some Cajun seasoning, and maybe a few shakes of Tabasco?) Almost like a remoulade sauce, maybe.

        1. oh man, taleggio is so versatile, you've got a ton of great options for toppings...but IMHO, mayo shouldn't be one of them. it's sufficiently creamy that there's really no need for a "spread," and i wouldn't want the flavor of mayo to interfere with the cheese.

          other ideas for toppings:
          - since taleggio pairs beautifully with fruit, maybe grilled peach or nectarine slices...or chutney
          - prosciutto & spinach (i prefer arugula if you have it) or pesto
          - fresh tomato slices & a drizzle of black truffle oil (again, i'd use arugula or an alternate bitter or peppery green)
          - black olive tapenade, spinach and tomato

          and of course caramelized onions would go with any of those...

          now i'm hungry for a burger!

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            I just ground about 4# of beef and froze in 6 oz. patties so this thread is already giving me some fine ideas. Oh yeah.

            1. re: c oliver

              just don't get any kooky ideas about that lavender honey...


              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Hmmmmmm, thanks for the rec :) Just had a tiny spoonful of Greek yogurt with the teensiest bit of honey. OMG!!!

          2. What more could you possibly need? Don't add a thing except just possibly some sliced very sweet red onion, or maybe sliced raw mushrooms. And it's spelled taleggio. Don't let mayo anywhere near it.