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I'm cooking burgers with tallegio and topped with raw spinach- what kind of condiment?

I was thinking of mayo, but what flavor profile should i add?
I am open to any suggestions!
I am cooking for my husband for our anniversary and because of the economy we are having burgers, but want to make it special.

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  1. Oooo, can I come over for dinner?? I love burgers and those sound fantastic, even tho I'm stuffed from lunch!!

    Do you have time to roast the garlic? Love roasted garlic mayo with a touch of lemon. Does your DH mind spicy? Love a sriracha mayo, or chipotle mayo with a touch of lime. The more i think about the flavors, I think I would go with the roasted garlic. But then, I could eat the whole jarful ~ oink!

    1. I guess it would be over-the-top to crisp up some pancetta and sprinkle that on? It would add to the Italian-style cheeseburger thing you've got going there...

      1. With the Taleggio, perhaps something with oomph? I like Phurstluv's roasted garlic mayo idea (it's got roasted garlic - what's not to love?), but what about a spicy mayo with some cayenne and maybe some caramelized onions? (spicy mayo = mayo, a bit of lemon juice, some Cajun seasoning, and maybe a few shakes of Tabasco?) Almost like a remoulade sauce, maybe.

        1. oh man, taleggio is so versatile, you've got a ton of great options for toppings...but IMHO, mayo shouldn't be one of them. it's sufficiently creamy that there's really no need for a "spread," and i wouldn't want the flavor of mayo to interfere with the cheese.

          other ideas for toppings:
          - since taleggio pairs beautifully with fruit, maybe grilled peach or nectarine slices...or chutney
          - prosciutto & spinach (i prefer arugula if you have it) or pesto
          - fresh tomato slices & a drizzle of black truffle oil (again, i'd use arugula or an alternate bitter or peppery green)
          - black olive tapenade, spinach and tomato

          and of course caramelized onions would go with any of those...

          now i'm hungry for a burger!

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            I just ground about 4# of beef and froze in 6 oz. patties so this thread is already giving me some fine ideas. Oh yeah.

            1. re: c oliver

              just don't get any kooky ideas about that lavender honey...


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                Hmmmmmm, thanks for the rec :) Just had a tiny spoonful of Greek yogurt with the teensiest bit of honey. OMG!!!

          2. What more could you possibly need? Don't add a thing except just possibly some sliced very sweet red onion, or maybe sliced raw mushrooms. And it's spelled taleggio. Don't let mayo anywhere near it.

            1. With all these accompaniments, I think no one would notice if the burger was missing...

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                Thanks for the suggestion everyone! I am going to listen to you mbfant and not put mayo anywhere near it. If I didn't have my daughter napping I would run and get some nectarines to grill and add. But I think this will be fine solo.
                I also have brioche rolls to serve it on so it should be good!
                Thanks again!

                1. re: foodsnob14

                  I don't do fruit on my burger. If you want some fresh fruit on the side, fine. But the only fruit that should go on a burger is a tomato or avocado. Period.

                  And I love mayo on all my burgers, no matter how creamy or rich the cheese is. I don't like dry buns.

                  GHG had a nice idea of the tapenade, which is wonderful mixed in mayo as well. As is pesto of any sort.
                  If you're grilling the burgers, halve your nectarines and grill them, when the fire is low. Delish with some ice cream of yogurt.

                  1. re: Phurstluv

                    I really like the idea of mixing tapenade with mayo. I made a big batch with Kalamatas, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and garlic. Now our houseguests had to cancel due to sickness so I'm needing to eat a good bit over the next several days. Thanks.

                    1. re: c oliver

                      I agree with GHGourmet about possibly using a chutney - since I think it pairs well with sweet/fruity and also with a bit of a kick, that would be a great choice.

                      I wouldn't do too much, though - I know taleggio is really stinky, but I feel like its flavors are sort of subtle, so you wouldn't really want something that completely overpowers it...

                      I agree with most posters about the mayo - I don't think that would add much.

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                        We had them just with taleggio and spinach. It was perfect! Next time I will use arugula instead of spinach and some thinly sliced ripe pears for sweetness and crunch! I think there was definitely enough moisture because I used 80/20 beef and the cheese was rich.
                        Thanks again!!

              2. I think a nice garlicky basil pesto would be amazing with this.