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Aug 13, 2009 11:42 AM

Deviled eggs a day ahead?

My mother and I are preparing the food for a birthday party which will happen tomorrow early-evening (about 27 hours from now) and we're trying to do as much as we can tonight to avoid too much stress tomorrow.

We're making deviled eggs - can we do those the day before, or will they start to turn green or taste funny? If not, we'll just hardboil the eggs tonight and do the fillings tomorrow...

Thanks for the advice!

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  1. I have made them in advance and they are fine. To maximize your fridge storage space, you could boil and seperate the eggs and prepare the filling today. Store the whites and the filling in seperate ziplocs, then tomorrow cut a corner off the filling bag and pipe the filling in to the whites when you are ready to serve. That way you won't have a tray of eggs taking up a whole shelf in the fridge.

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      That is exactly what I do. I boil the eggs and make the filling the day before and then fill them the day of. I don't feel that they lose any flavor that way and it is quite a timesaver.

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        I also line the ziploc with some paper towels so the egg whites are not mushy from excess liquid.

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          this is a great tip (and one that *some* of us may have learned from experience after an incompletely closed bag of them leaked egg-scented water all over the meat drawer of the refrigerator...)

      2. I know it's late in coming, but wanted to thank everyone for the advice - we made the eggs the night before, and they turned out great. BUT good advice about placing a paper towel or two in with the cooked egg whites --- I believe, judging by how wet the towels were the next day, that that trick made the difference between soggy eggs and perfect ones. Thanks!

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        1. So I'm two days late, but I have a tip for future reference: I have a stacked plastic carrier that holds a dozen stuffed halves on each level, in a small enough space so that the eggs neither drown in condensation nor dry out overnight in the fridge. The whole assembled unit is a box about 6" wide, 6" high and 9" long, snaps together and apart very easily, and has a handy carrying handle in the lid. I think it was about $12 from Target Online. You can also add as many layers as you want to get, if your fridge has the headroom! My wasabi-mayo devilled eggs have become the item everyone expects me to bring to parties now, and they disappear in a hurry, so I'm about to expand my carrying capacity...

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          1. re: Will Owen

            Dear Will,

            The wasabi-mayo deviled eggs sound delicious. Would you part with the recipe?

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              Split the boiled eggs (I assume you have a recipe for that!) and put the yolks into a bowl. I have a sharp ring chopper with a loop handle that I use to chop the yolks quite fine, though if you catch yours earlier than I usually do you might be able just to mash them with a fork. Add a bit of salt and pepper if you want to, and then a small splash of wine vinegar, just enough to dampen them. Now spoon in perhaps 3/4 cup of Trader Joe's wasabi mayonnaise (this is for a dozen eggs), stir vigorously with a cooking fork to combine, then start beating with a wooden spoon or silicone spatula. When the mixture is well worked it may be a bit dry, so add mayonnaise by the spoonful until it's gooey enough but still holding its shape. I use a metal plunger-type cake decorator with no tip attached to fill them, or if Mrs. O isn't around to art-direct I'll just use two iced-tea spoons. When done, I sprinkle the tops with a little Spanish smoked paprika - it looks brilliant against the slightly greenish egg yolk and the smoky taste sets off the egg very nicely.

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              As you expand means for those Wasabi-Bomber's transport, may I respectfully suggest the device to accomplish whatever requests are required:


              1. This is REALLY helpful. I'm stressing that I have to make 200 deviled eggs to be ready to transport by noon next Thursday. Have tons of other food to make day before as well. So, thank you, Egg people! And I'm trying the Wasabi thing tonight. Sounds elegant.