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Aug 13, 2009 11:19 AM

What is your favorite brand of espresso?

Just bought a low end machine Mr. Coffee--might trade up depending on how this goes. I make an awful mess, but I attribute this to the learning curve.

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      Not only fabulous but offered at an extraordinary price.

        1. espresso does not need to be made with espresso beans. any high quality bean can make a high quality espresso, if the machine produces enough pressure

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            Caffe Mauro, from Reggio Calabria.

          2. Perhaps I'm revealing a not-so-gilded coffee palate here... I've been using Cafe Bustelo, purchased in the supermarket, for years, both in a Braun espresso machine and also in a regular coffee machine. It's also superb in a French press.

            I'll admit I haven't yet tried Illy but this post is getting me off my rump to go buy some...