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Aug 13, 2009 10:51 AM

vancouver: Izakaya with a vegetarian?

hi folks,

i am currently in vancouver with my vegetarian boyfriend. i am really hoping to do an Izakaya crawl around robson/denman, am wondering if there will be any and any GREAT options for my boyfriend. Any specific suggestions for places to go or dishes to order that are veggie friendly would be much appreciated.



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  1. It wont be that easy at most of the izakaya...but Hapa would be the best bet for vege options. Even a place like Gyoza King has a few vege options as well. You can always ask for them to omit say the minced pork, etc in some of their dishes....and in the case of Hapa, they state that there is at least one vege main (Yaki Udon). Many of the apps at Hapa are vege. (I recommend the Kabocha). You can make a fine meal eating nothing but apps there (I have done this). Many of the Japanese soups are pork based or dried fish based - so it is often not an option to have noodle soup.

    You can always dine at say Hon's (gasp!) which has a physically seperate veg kitchen...then go off and do the crawl.

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      Agree with fmed.
      Hon's is good for vegetarian food around robson area. He can have his veggies. You can have your meat! They even have a whole seperate menu for vegetarian dish. In fact, I just ate there tonight! Not vegetarian dish though.

    2. Admittedly, I don't usually pay attention to the veggie-friendly dishes at izakayas. However, I've been to Kingyo with a vegetarian before and I recall there were at least a couple good tofu-based dishes.

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        I'm the same as twinkie but I can vouch for the salads at Zakkushi. The baru soba with crunchy noodles is worthy, and they do a gomae ae with crispy lotus root I bet is good though I haven't tried it. Their mabo style tofu looks great too -- here's the link:

        I also love their mochi isobe though deep fried sticky rice blobs are apparently an acquired taste :-). It looks like you can also order the oden with all veg-friendly options (I've only had this at Guu with Garlic). And of course my favourite thing on the menu, onigiri, is all rice.

        Here's the link for Guu with Garlic as well in case you want to check out their options: Unfortunately it doesn't offer descriptions so unless you know your Japanese foodstuffs it may not be all that helpful...

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          Looking at more menus this morning....I can probably re-assure the OP that her vege friend will not go hungry at a crawl. Go for it and Godspeed!