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Aug 13, 2009 10:47 AM

Osaka - Still Good?

I used to go to Osaka a while ago, back when Ken was running the place. I thought the fish was very good. Can anyone please tell me how the food is nowadays? Been to Taro and Giedo. Your thoughts and other recommendations appreciated.

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  1. Yes, one of our go to places in the neighborhood. We’ve found the quality of their food, sushi and cooked dishes, to be good, attentive service and one of the more pleasant outdoors space to dine in. A lot of people complain that their rolls are too big, def. bigger then Geido and Taro, which doesn’t really bother us one bit. We like their special rolls, the Osaka, something else with a peach – forgot the name? - their sashimi. Sometimes their rolls don’t deliver well when ordering takeout (that happens to us with other sushi places as well) and the spicy tuna sometimes is not that spicy. I also love their tempura ice cream don’t ask me why? Not sure about the current mgmt. , but IMO a good choice for Japanese.

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      It's also our go-to place. We do take out from there about once a week and generally stick to the sushi deluxe: plain, simple, and fresh. We've found that the more substantial roles, e.g., the spider roll, hold together better than ones made w/ mushier ingredients.