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Aug 13, 2009 09:11 AM

Best Guacamole in Austin

To me the debate has long been settled.

After yesterday's lunch at El Zunzal my suspicions were confirmed by their note perfect take on the classic.

Vivid green,supremely fresh and buttery avocado,nicely salted,strewn with cilantro,chopped sweet onion and green jalapenos,this is my favorite version in town.

El Zunzal makes theirs' per order.There is no Lexan packed with pre-made in a fridge in the back.This guacamole is served from a countertop-avocado that has never known refrigeration.

It is sublime.

What's your favorite hereabouts?

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  1. With or without egg? That is the question.

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    1. re: poryorick

      I do love the Salvadoran version with the hardboiled eggs that El Zunzal offers but yesterday,without even thinking,I said estillo Mexicano.I haven't had guacamole that good since,well,the last time I went to El Zunzal.

      poryorick:Where do you go to get your guacamole?

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        EZ is my favorite, as well. And the decadence of the Salvadoran version puts it heads above anyone else, imho. It's not a salad, it's a meal.

        1. re: poryorick

          I'll have to pop in and verify my memories, but I seem to remember Michoacana having a decent guacamole up by the registers in steamer pan full of ice.

    2. At restaurants I particularly like my guac made tableside so that I know it's very fresh and I have some input regarding what goes into it, and locally Iron Cactus and Cantina Laredo both make theirs tableside. Granted, they both are chains, but if we're purely talking guacamole, both are great.

      Lately at the Westgate Central Market they are making it fresh in the produce department daily. It is expensive: $5 for a half-pint container, $9 for a pint, but is very tasty. They are unreliable, however, as to what time of day they have it out for purchase.

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      1. re: HookEm

        On a rutabaga run at the Central Market north location I saw a lady making scratch guacamole and handing out samples to everybody Sunday morning.

        Except me.

        Now admittedly I'm not their target clientele by a long shot but as I stood about 3 feet away from her she was reaching over,around and damn near through me ,"care for some guacamole...get yr guacamole here....make sure you try some guacamole".

        I stood plaintively waiting for her to offer me some but the only acknowledgement I received was the occasional glower and grimace.

        It was funny.I felt like Dan Ackroyd in Trading Places when he's standing outside the fancy restaurant,completely disheveled and pining for his old life amongst the swells.

        Tableside is my favorite guacamole.I don't see myself returning to Iron Cactus considering I've eaten there twice and gotten bad food both times but I am curious about Cantina Laredo.

        Where is it?

        Do they have any happy hour deals?

        Specials on appetizers and/or cocktails?

        Is there a patio?

        How is their queso?

        1. re: scrumptiouschef

          I love it that you were on a rutabaga run! Takes me back to childhood when my dad's standing joke when we'd ask what's for dinner was, "rutabaga pie." We had no idea what that was, but it didn't sound good!

          Cantina Laredo is downtown on Colorado at 3rd St. I can't vouch for anything other than their guacamole, unfortunately, because I haven't been there for a while and don't remember what else I ate! There is one at the D terminal at DFW airport, and my husband and I had great guacamole there last month.

      2. I love that CM guac, it is so good. My favorite though is at Azul Tequila. I think about it all the time.

        1. Shoot me--but Pappasito's guac is great--and you can buy it take out for about $12.50 a quart.

          1. My favs are Whole Foods although a little pricey. For value, Wahoo Fish Taco has some really good guac. Most recently I was at The Ivy in LA and had some of the best ever. They served it on a bed of green leaf lettuce, that I could not leave on the plate even though it was a garnish, homemade corn tortillas and a side of spicy red chile sauce that was to die for! Coupled with a margarita and I was in heaven.