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Aug 13, 2009 08:58 AM

Online food

I just bought some olive oil for the first time online. In the past I've bought; peppercorns, Thai condiments, spices, and of course, a couple of hams for mom and dad. It's always fun opening the box - like Christmas. Do any of you routinely buy food online? How about cheese, or maybe soft-shelled crabs?

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  1. Search the word "online" on this board and you'll get a plethora of recommendations.

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    1. One thing I always keep - Williams-Sonoma butter croissants. Entirely too delicious!

      1. I buy food for myself and as gifts online all the time. Here are some of my favorites.

        L.A. Burdick, for wonderful chocolates:

        Frog Hollow Farm, for insanely good (if pricey) summer fruit:

        Spice House, for spectacular Tahitian vanilla beans:

        Mahogany Meats for their great cowboy jerky:

        Sweet and Sara for vegan marshmallows that will knock your socks off: (And I'm not even remotely vegetarian.


        Chocoshpere, for a fantastic selection of fine, high-end dark chocolate:

        Zingerman's, for foodie gift baskets:

        King Orchards for dried tart cherries:

        Snow's BBQ for phenomenal brisket:

        And, finally, the Smucker's website for White Lily Flour:

        1. Thanks all, I just remembered, I bought a turducken, served it at a family dinner. It was really good.

          1. I agree about the marshmallows from They are amazing. Also, for anyone who likes to bake and is into whole grains/healthy eating, I order the Southaven Farm baking mixes at They are awesome and I especially like their cookie recipes.