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Aug 13, 2009 08:56 AM

Birthday Celebration South of Hillsdale

Seeking recommendations for a restaurant with great food to host a birthday celebration for 16.
Guest of honor coming from Hillsdale, NY all others from NYC. Need a restaurant NOT in Hillsdale but perhaps somewhere a little south. Maybe Hudson, Millerton. Saugerties, Kingston etc. Private room a plus. Can do lunch or dinner. Thanks.

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  1. Pastorale in Salisbury, CT is lovely and they have a few rooms that could possibly accommodate your party. The Stissing House in Pine Plains, NY is worth looking into as well.

    1. boathouse in lakeview ct probably best choice south of hillsdale.Stissing house is very inconsistant.Hudsons north but has a few good choices easily found in zagat red dot being one.About 5 miles from hillsdale is john andrews in so. egremont widely recognized as best reataurant in the area.Good luck!!!

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        Thanks. I was hoping that the city folk would not have to drive all the way up to egremont.
        Meeting in the middle or a little bit further north. If you know of areas I have not thought of all suggestions are welcome

      2. Unfortunately, there is not much worth considering between Westchester and Dutchess, but there are a number of good places in Dutchess. Poughkeepsie and Hyde Park have some good restaurants that have been mentioned on this board, though I have not been to them. If you can get up to Tivoli, Madalin's Table would be ideal. Mercato in Red Hook is also exceptional. There are several good places in Rhinebeck, my preference being Starr Place. I would not recommend Stissing House, it's overpriced and, as mentioned above, inconsistent. John Andrew's is very good, as is Swiss Hutte, just on the Mass. border in Hillsdale, both fine choices should you decide to choose something in Hillsdale. If you go to Hudson, the best choices are Swoon and DA/BA. Ca Mea is also very good, and Red Dot can be great or mediocre depending on what you order.

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          I also wanted to mention that if you have it in Hudson, those coming from the city would not even need to drive. They can take the train, and the restauarants are within walking distance.

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            i love swoon be wary of DA/BA very ecletic menu not to everyones taste. you could bring millbrook into play or even better amenia very good restaurant there called severin

          2. Call the Artist's Palate in Poughkeepsie. (Also walking distance from the train - Amtrak & Metro North) 845-483-8074. The best in the valley (says the NY Times)...and plenty of room for your party of 16.