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Aug 13, 2009 08:50 AM

Child friendly, downtown New Haven (post Shubert dinner)

A friend and I are taking our 4 year olds to a show at the Shubert. I'm trying to come up with someplace that is child-friendly for dinner together after the show. I'm not so worried about the food being child-friendly (in other words, I don't need chicken nuggets, ethnic is fine, these kids eats veggies, no allergic restrictions) but just a clean, not a bar, casual place to go.

I thought of Claire's...but since it's been a few years since I've spent any measurable time in the city I couldn't think of anyplace else. (I don't even know if Claire's is still open?)

Any suggestions for us? OH, it will be a Saturday and we'll be arriving around 6:15pm.

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  1. Most places in the area are bars, or perhaps more upscale than a 4 year old would appreciate. But the is Katz's II on Temple Street, a nice deli, and they have 1/2 sandwiches.
    Yes Claire's is still open
    At that hour the bars would not be that busy so you could consider Prime 16 (great burgers),or The Playwright, They are also on Temple, decor at playwright is a stone temple brought over from the UK (or so I was told) or Bar (across the street on Crown) for pizza,

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      Katz's on Temple has closed, permanently (as of August 2). We in our office were shocked, as we had ordered from them on Friday, and they were gone on Monday.

        1. re: justme123

          That's too bad. I hope Katz's in Woodbridge isn't going anywhere. I finally got there recently and LOVED it. I know that doesn't help the OP, but others in the area, please don't forget the other location...places like that in CT are few and far between.

          Katz's Deli
          1658 Litchfield Tpke
          Woodbridge, CT 06525-2306
          (203) 389-5301

          The link to their website is broken. I hope that's just a glitch!

          1. re: kattyeyes

            Katz's in Woodbridge is not realted to Katz's II on Temple. So hopefully will be OK.
            I love their Matzoh Ball soup (though they could loose the noodles in it) and Corned beef, Pastrami....

            1. re: mmalmad

              Were they really not related at all? I know they said so, and I'm sure for all legal purposes this was true. It's just that they had identical menus, right down to the fonts and clip art, and the food was identical at each. Often in this industry "no relation" just means "our taxes are lower when we structure it this way". I was never sure what the whole story was, but that was my suspicion.

              1. re: mmalmad

                That's just bizarre...wonder ifi danieljdwyer is onto something below. Please let's all get to Katz's in Woodbridge soon in hopes of "preserving" good deli in this area! I am a fool for a fat pastrami sandwich and a Dr. Brown's black cherry!

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  That is a distinct possibility They did have nearly identical menus, and they "tied" for best sandwich in the highly questionable Advocate Best Of...
                  The Woodbridge location was far more vocal in denying any ties.
                  I do go to the Woodbridge often

                  1. re: mmalmad

                    Am I the only one out there who thought Katz's II was a pathetic excuse for New York deli? It had flies, bland food, squishy rye bread, fatty meats and a loud, overbearing and useless manager.

                    Tho' the pickles and slaw were delicious. This place was always a puzzle to me . . . so I guess I won't be hot-footing it to Woodbridge.

        2. Zinc has opened a nice pizza place right behind the Shubert that has booths and an outdoor patio that would be good for kids, I would think. Called Kitchen Zinc. Claire's would also be fun and has lots of options.

          1. I know you said no bar, but Prime 16 has a nice large dining area outside the bar. It can get loud, but at 6:15 PM, you should be fine and the food is really good, better than going to a chain, such as Black Bear for instance. Check out the posts on it here--do a search. Just be sure they have boosters if you need them. Here's the dinner menu:

            1. I thought of something else. Coming from someone who takes her kids everywhere, I was also thinking if they like Asian, Kudeta may be fun at that hour. Some cool things to look at (butterfly display) and if they are well-behaved, they'd be fine, especially at that early hour. We've had friendly accepting servers there, and I always think that is key to dining with kids. And for regular Chinese, there are always lots of kids dining at Royal Palace--just remember to ask for the Chinese menu as well as the American Chinese menu. If you want basic red sauce Italian (e.g., Pasta Fair), Brazi would be fine, but not awesome atmosphere, next to highway--easy-on/easy-off.

              1. I know you said 'no bar' but if you sit on the dining side of Bar on Crown Street you can enjoy great pizza in a very child friendly atmosphere. Try the mash potato and bacon pizza...DELICIOUS. Claire's is still open - like it but not my favorite place. Prime 16 has good burgers but again, like Bar, they have a bar in the restaurant but the dining side is separate. Zinc Kitchen just re-openned as a pizza place and across from the Shubert is Temple Grille where you can opt to sit outside AWAY from the bar. A bit further away but still walking distance is Thali Too- incredibly delicious vegetarian Indian. On a nice evening, would be a great walk.