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Aug 13, 2009 08:27 AM

A helpful tool for alcohol consumption

Although I can't help but think some people might take it as a challenge rather than a warning.

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  1. Wow, I'd certainly fall OFF the barstool before I could drink enough to kill me. Glad there's one thing I can mark off my list of hazardous behavior.

    1. haha lies!
      I have drank more than that & survived!

      that's a fun gadget though

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        1. re: beccabones

          Note that it calculates it for a 3 hour drinking binge. 30 shots of bourbon for me in 3 hours. I'd be hurtin' for sure.

          1. re: JohnE O

            oh, I didn't notice the 3 hour thing. I've definitely had around the range of their limits for me, but that'd be at an all day affair, like 12+ hours.

        2. 14 Martinis for me in 3 hrs... that's more than I have all year!

          1. 19 Martinis or 19 shots of gin... I think their units per drink are slightly off.

            1. i am physically incapable of downing 32 martini's in 3 hours

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              1. re: tanker64

                A friend of mine calculated how many keystone lights it would take to kill him, declared that it would be physically impossible and suggested a new slogan for them, "Keystone Light: It won't kill you"

                1. re: tanker64

                  I am pretty sure I would be incapable of downing 3 martinis in 32 hours.

                  As Austin Powers would say, "Not my bag, baby!"