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Aug 13, 2009 08:25 AM

Need special occasion restaurant near Chatham with vegetarian options and 2-mo. old welcome

I know, it sounds difficult. The baby is good and will be well-behaved or taken outside (we're not THOSE kinds of parents), but I think there are some places that will not be very welcoming, regardless. We want to take out friends for their engagement, and one of them is a veggie, so the vegetarian options can't just be afterthoughts. Oh, and it must be open on a Sunday. Any ideas? Please help!

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  1. Wild Goose Tavern doesn't have much of a veggie menu, but the veg pizzas are really good. You could think about heading there for drinks and veggie-centered appetizers, then hitting someplace like the veranda at Chatham Bars Inn for the fabulous little dessert trays.

    1. Thanks for this idea. Anything else? Has anyone been to Ocean House in Dennis? Would that fit the bill?

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        Ocean House has been well reviewed here as one of the top oprions on the entire Cape. Great food, terrific service, and the wonderful ocean view. Several Veggie options for apps and entrees. A great choice for a special night out. See for yourself at :

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          Is it appropriate to bring a 2-mo. old to Ocean House?

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            This is from a review on Yelp, so apparently it's not a "kids are off limit" type of place:
            "Even the kids food was good, real wood fired pizza. And instead of a sea captain coloring page, each child got a mini story/coloring book to keep them well occupied during apps and drinks."