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Aug 13, 2009 08:16 AM

Philadelphia To Baltimore

Looking for a place or two to eat while traveling from Philadelphia to Baltimore.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Honestly, considering the length of the drive and the fact that there is much better food to be found at either end of your trek, I can’t imagine why you would want to stop along the way.

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    1. re: MGZ

      really... basically an hour's drive

    2. If you like crabs, it's the height of the season in Baltimore. Craig Leban wrote a good article about crabs and where to get them in the Baltimore area this past Sunday. Check and look under his name. The places he mentioned looked great.

      1. Are you looking for breakfast, dinner, a snack?

        Exit 1 off of 476 (MacDade Blvd East- right off 95) has a few options. Trios Cold Cuts is on MacDade & Fairview. Great sandwiches and you can eat there.
        Exit 4a in DE is the Christiana Mall- lots of options nearby

        1. Exit off Rt 95 and head into Newark (DE) where there are several good places including Home Grown and Cafe Gelato. Take the right exits and you'll miss the $4 highway toll as a bonus.

          1. I suggest you try the Tidewater Grille in Harve De Grace. It is right on the banks of the Susquehanna river. It is about 40 minutes north of B'more as I recall. I've stopped a few times on the way from Trenton To DC. It's a good spot for lunch or dinner - right off 295.


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              I had thought about Havre de Grace myself. The Tidewater is pretty and certainly well situated (as, in fact, is the entire town). What little bit of food we tried - steamed shrimp and steamed clams - was pretty tasty (especially given the proximity to the water).

              I found the menu at Laurrapin Grill (just up the hill from Tidewater) to be more interesting. The beer selection was quite impressive and the restaurant's ethic is more in tune to my own. We only tasted the sweet potato fries which were served with a clever and flavorful curry mayo and devoured with glee in a very short time. The food we saw served to others looked quite good and piqued our interest to return.


              1. re: MGZ

                I second the Laurrapin Grill. I went last January, and don't remember what everyone got, but we all enjoyed everything. I do recall that the desserts were especially good.