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Aug 13, 2009 08:11 AM

oddly, having trouble finding cake flour

I've checked my local whole foods (whole wheat only), Star, and Stop & Shop. Can't find cake flour. Any suggestions - Somerville, Cambridge, or perhaps Arlington?

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  1. You can substitute pastry flour, which you should be able to find in the bulk bins at WF. Basically, it is just very soft flour, with lower protein content to produce a finer crumb product.

    1. If all else fails, you can order it from the King Arthur Flour website. The most common brand is Swans Down. It comes in boxes, not bags. So, it may be hiding among the cake mixes and/or Bisquick. I have never seen it at Whole Foods but it should be available just about everywhere else.

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        Speaking of King Arthur, they've just introduced an UNBLEACHED cake flour.

        But you should be able to find Swans Down in the supermarkets, in a box rather than a bag. You may also find it near things like the canisters of Wondra, or on the top shelf in the flour section.

      2. They do tend to sell it in Stop & Shop and Star, but it comes in a 1 lb box, with a brand name like "Soft as Silk" or "Swan's Down." It took me a while to find it, even though it was right there.

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          Thanks, y'all. These are fairly cakey fall-apart cookies, so I'll need that extra 1.5%-ish protein cake flour provides over pastry. I'll check the whomping-huge Stop & Shop by McGrath - and ask before I wander.

          Science Chick also seems to have inadvertently answered my un-asked question "why can't I find non-whole-wheat pastry flour at Whole Foods?" Bulk, not box. Got it.

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            They also carry an organic white w/germ pastry flour that I am partial to. I mix it 50/50 with WW pastry flour for a killer pie crust!

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              That S&S should have it. For those wanting less than a box worth, I believe that Polcari's packages cake flour in various amounts at reasonable prices but location not necessarily as convenient for many.

              1. re: itaunas

                This is worrying since I have a Christmas cookie recipe that must include cake flour. I know I bought a box of Swan's Down this past November or December (at either Star or the Stop and Shop). Sometimes when a product like this isn't on the shelf, it's a good idea to write a comment card for the store. I have seen products re-appear after I have done this.

                1. re: Lucymax

                  Don't worry. They always have it. Look on the top shelf for the boxes.

                  Or better yet, since you have time, order it from KA.

                  The NQuincy Stop and Shop used to carry KA cake flour, in fact. Though no more.

          2. Do you know you can easily make your own? Measure 1 cup of all purpose flour. REmove 2 tablespoons. Replace with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and blend well.
            It really works just fine.

            1. Just saw it yesterday in the Star Market in Brighton, Western Ave.