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Aug 13, 2009 08:08 AM

Favorite Providence, RI Area Italian Deli?

I frequent Pauly Penta' s Mineral Springs Ave in North Providence (everything is good but it's $$$$) and Chi Chi's, Douglas Ave. (thinly layered eggplant to die for!). I've also heard the chicken salad is great. I usually land there mid afternoon and it's always sold out.

I'm a big fan of picking up prepared foods to bring home for dinner also. I travel all over MA and RI and have a penchant for Italian delis. I've been to Venda's Tony's on the hill. I'm always looking for new places to try.


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  1. Venda is the a pretty good Italian deli. R.I needs a good Deli period. Dont think it will ever happen people wont pay for a good quality deli like the N.Y Deli's Like Katz's , Carnegie, Pico/s Zabar's you need a good quality Rye or Pumpernickel also so there goes that.........

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      theres a place on rt6 in rumford ,accross from the big pet store,cant remember the name.anyways we got a great sangy there,lots of other treats too.

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        Thanks hungry I will check it out As far as a deli I usually thnk of a place for sandwiches most places in R.I. are prepared foods they are very nice but this state needs a really good deli for Corned Beef, Pastrimi, Dry Salami even Knishes etc. I make and smoke my own Pastrimi but it takes about 2 weeks to cure and sometimes you want one quick.

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          That's the Italian Corner and they are really excellent (they have a website...). They are quite excellent - we drive across town through Federal Hill to get to Rumford, just to put it in perspective. They have this amazing salsa verde that is on most of the subs which is highly addictive. I recommend the Combo. They also do prepared foods and have all the other deli stuff, though we primarily go for the subs.

      2. Never been to Pauly Penta's, I have heard the same, good but pricey. I live in Warwick, heaven forbid I should travel outside of my area, so I am very lucky there's a nice deli not far from me called The Food Chalet, it's on Post Road, not far from Walmart. They have a good deli selection, have lots of prepared foods like muffaletta, mini meatloaf, breaded eggplant, and my daughters adore their chicken wings...oh, and they make their own sausage, hot and sweet Italian, that is sooooooo good - I was told it's an old family recipe. Oh, and the bread, they have Buono's and Rainbow's, yum! They also have pastry, pasta, etc...

        The only bad thing? They're closing for vacation this weekend, which reminds me, I need to call my order in for tomorrow, or no one's eating around my house!

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        1. re: RIRN2008

          Hooray for The Food Chalet! After reading another thread here, I discovered this deli last week and I have been back three times since then. I get a slice of the muffuletta which they toast up for me (and it is just perfect), and I round it out with a little container of their marinated mushrooms. I'm sure that I will branch out into their other goodies -- everything looks delicious, including sweets and even all kinds of neat-looking ravioli. Italian sodas! I used to go to a great deli in Oakland (Genova) and my mouth watered every time I walk in... I get a little bit of the same vibe-of-deliciousness at this place. Also -- The staff is WARM and I even noticed one employee carrying a customer's items out to her car for her. Can't wait to go back. Yum. My friend ordered the roast beef sandwich and was also delighted.

          I have been to Pauly Penta's and I was always quite satisfied with everything there -- very tasty and certainly pricier than Food Chalet.

          Food Chalet
          874 Post Rd, Warwick, RI 02888

        2. I like to go to the Sandwich Hut or North main street... They have a fabulous Alitalia with proscuitto and incredibly reasonable prices.. a definite bonus

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            I can't believe no one has mentioned Pranzi Cafe (401-383-3631) yet!

            They are located on Chalkstone Avenue - about a block or two west of Roger Williams Hospital/ Veteran's Hospital (not too far from PC and RIC). Delicious prepared foods (for dinner/lunch), incredible sandwiches, great sides as well...all very reasonably priced. I used to go to Pauly Penta's, until I found this place. It's much more affordable and the food is much better (they do catering as well). I believe their winter hours were 7 am - 3 pm, but I think they have expanded hours in spring/summer. Call ahead first! They are definitely worth trying.

              1. re: FjmArch

                What do folks recommend at Sandwich Hut? I've been meaning to try this place but don't want to over order the menu as is my habit.

                Sandwich Hut
                1253 N Main St, Providence, RI 02904

                1. re: GSM

                  My family has been going to the Sandwich Hut for over 30 years. I don't think I've ever ordered anything other than the Deluxe Grinder or the Allitalia. Maybe the meatballs once or twice.

                  NB: The cold sandwiches come with extremely tangy chopped pickles.

                  Sandwich Hut
                  1253 N Main St, Providence, RI 02904