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Aug 13, 2009 08:07 AM

Meritage for Restaurant Week?

Has anyone tried Meritage for Restaurant Week? How was it? Can you recommend any of the dishes? We have never been there and thought it would be a good time to try it out.

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  1. I went during Winter restaurant week a few months back. I really enjoyed this restaurant with a view of the water from any table in the room. It had a very modern, bright and airy vibe to the room. My girlfriend thought it was a bit of a stuffy restaurant. I didn't find the room or the service as stuffy or cold as Ruth's Chris when I visited during a RW lunch. Yes you have one well dressed waiter, a waterboy and someone else helping you out at the table but that added to the high end for a good value experience.

    In the winter they had if I recall a pork appetizer which I loved don't remember what my gf had. For an entree I believe it was duck which was just fabulous and I had the steak. Steak was just ok, not as spicy or overall flavorful as led to believe in reviews. The duck was the better choice for sure.

    I had the chocolate tasting for dessert and it was very good. The cheese was lame. Not flavorful and you didn't know what cheese was what.

    The wine pairing was not that great, I think some really low end, not very flavorful wines for the $16 so I would choose a better quality glass of wine with your entree instead of the pairings.

    Presentation of the food, taste and service was excellent and no doubt about it, go to Meritage for RW.

    1. Went a while back and i thought it was ok. Food was not bad but nothing to get excited about. My wife really hated it though.

      1. My DC and I enjoyed Meritage during winter RW so much that we went back again the second week. Excellent food and value during RW.

        1. We just went for RW dinner on Wednesday - terrific meal, attentive service with no hint of rushing (of course, we did have a 5 PM mid-week reservation!), decent RW menu (4 tempting options per category). After a light little amuse-bouche of potato-leek soup, I had the soft-shell crab app, which was perfectly fried and served with fresh corn and asparagus in a lime dressing; husband had the smoked salmon tower, with a fabulous avocado puree on top. Entrees were very good - three big sea scallops over snow peas and grapefruit-butter sauce for me, perfectly cooked and decently sized filet mignon with a lovely wine-gorgonzola sauce and lots of fresh veggies for him. Desserts were fine but not as good as apps/entree - the citrus plate (three small pastries with fresh fruit) was good, and the cheese plate had three very nice selections but in very small servings. The three course wine flight was worth the $17 for me - they even offered to switch out the red wine for a sauvignon blanc for my scallop entree, and the dessert port with the dessert course was excellent. Overall, highly recommended!