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Vegan Dessert?

I'm headed to a dinner party this weekend whose hostess has asked me to bring a dessert. This would typically be no problem, aside from the one minor problem: she's a vegan. I make avocado "ice cream" and coconut pudding fairly often, so I'd like to branch out a little, but would also prefer not to have to buy any specialty goods (e.g. egg substitute). Give me your best recipes!

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  1. Hot fudge pudding cake: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Hersheys... I make it routinely with soy milk, and it comes out great. It's not fancy or beautiful, but it's prettier if you can serve it up in small dishes with, say, coconut sorbet on top. (The usual suggestion of whipped cream won't work here.) I am not vegan, and neither are any of my good friends, but this always sells well.

    1. Fruit crisp topped with whipped coconut cream. I would think about peach passion fruit this time of year.

      mooless chocolate pie

      Panna cotta made with agar agar.

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        I was also going to suggest a vegan peach crisp with all the lovely peaches in season now....you could add blueberries...top it with oats and cinnamon...if you need a recipe, let me know.

      2. Sorry, I don't have time to work out the recipe at the moment, but consider a tofu cheesecake? I did a mango-ginger tofu cheesecake one year that was so flavorful and rich. I have to say though, its a gamble if it doesn't come out right.

        I do recommend almond milk as a superior milk substitute (along with coconut.) They've got the fat that's missing from rice or soy milks (ew.) Your coconut pudding sounds lovely. Consider modifying it to a coconut rice pudding with nutmeg and blueberries?

        Also perhaps consider a banana bread or zucchini cake? I find the women of The Post Punk Kitchen do a nice job with desserts: http://www.theppk.com/recipes/dbrecip...

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          I make Tyler Florence's Ultimate Cheesecake with Vegan Better than Cream Cheese and Vegan Sour Cream... always awesome. And sub for the butter/marg in the crust.


          (I don't ever make the sauce. Unnecessary)

        2. Try these?
          Chocolate wacky cake with peanut butter frosting or the chocolate glaze:

          Banana cake (there is a lot of cinnamon in this, so you might want to cut it down): http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=155...

          1. Mark Bittman has a recipe for Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding. The recipe couldn't be simpler (though I haven't made it yet) and even though I would say I'm not generally into "these types" of things it looks great.


            If you make this, post back and let us know how it is.

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              That is very similar to how I make my chocolate mousse, but I have heard bad things about tofu cremes. Can anyone verify?

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                I made that when the recipe was in the paper. It was quite good. It's not a really wildly "special" dessert though, more of a family thing.

              2. in my local grocery store the other night (giant in the Philly area) I saw a vegan chocolate dessert starter product - I think it was a soy product, green, white and clear package. Sorry I don't remember the brand. if your store carries it you could use it as the base for a chocolate vegan cheesecake or mousse. :)

                edit: A-HAH! Google is a wonderful thing.. http://www.nasoya.com/nasoya/silkencr...

                1. My quick and easy vegan desert - rice pudding using soy milk. Take some left over white rice about two cups worth, add it to a pot with a teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/2 tsp of nutmeg, and a teaspoon of vanilla. Add enough soy milk to cover the rice plus an inch or so. Cook over medium heat and stir every few minutes until it gets to the consistency that you like. You can continue to add soy milk if you want it a little thinner. For me its usually 15-20 minutes. I like to eat it warm but its also good if you spoon it into individual cups and chilled. Or chill it in the pot and serve it by scooping it out with a ice cream scoop. If you will be chilling it, I would make the pudding on the thin side because it thickens a little when you refrigerate it. You can garnish with some fresh berries, fruit compote, or whatever else you like.

                  1. How about homemade popsicles made with pureed fresh fruit? You can add a bit of booze, too, if you're so inclined.

                    1. If you search CHOW for vegan cupcakes, a really delicious recipe comes up for chocolate cupcakes. I've modified baking times to make a cake and it is absolutely spectacular, not greasy, which is often the problem with vegan baked goods.

                      1. flaxseed and water makes a good egg substitute...grind 1 Tsp flaxseed add to 3 Tbsp warm water = 1 egg

                        1. Just a suggestion:
                          So many fruits are in season right now that are only worth buying right now. I would try to showcase those as much as possible. Stone fruits, grapes, melons, blueberries (depending on where you are.) Most of these fruits will not be this good for another year, and are sugar sweet.

                          1. Mark Bittman did a faux lattice pie a couple of weeks ago- it's kind of like a cobbler with a pie crust instead of a biscuit topping.
                            I modified it to use an all-shortening crust and my normal peach pie filling. It uses margarine (sigh), but you can use the hippy-dippy kind. The vegan I served it to was thrilled to have pie.

                            Crust: Double this one: http://www.bhg.com/recipe/pies/pastry...
                            5 cups peeled thinly sliced peaches
                            3/4-1 cup sugar
                            1/2 cup flour
                            1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
                            1 tablespoon lemon juice

                            And Mark Bittman's technique http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/29/din...

                            I dot the peaches with margarine before adding the crust.

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                              I apologize for not having the recipe at hand and recommend you seek out the Vegan Joy of Baking. I recently made the Pine Nut and Anise cookies from that book and they were well received at a vegan tea. They are easy, and the flavor improves the next day. They are a bit dry, and you'll want to take care not to let them overbake, but taste even better the next day. Also well received were vegan lavendar chocolates from Sjaak's.

                              You can't go wrong with vegan chocolate... Whole Foods carries a brand that begins with a "G" that is quite delicious. Perhaps someone else can give a more complete recommendation... In researching, I found several chocolate mousse/pudding recipes that looked interesting, but have not made any of them.

                              Enjoy the party.

                            2. I've made this vegan Chocolate Velvet recipe many times - it tastes so good!

                              In blender:
                              1 ripe avocado

                              6 tablespoons unsweetened raw cocoa powder 

                              1/4 cup Trader Joe's agave syrup, maple syrup, or other liquid sweetener 

                              2 tablespoons evaporated cane juice, optional

                              1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

                              Pinch of ground cinnamon

                              2 tablespoons water; plus 1/2 cup purified water - or less


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                                How does raw cocoa powder differ from regular cocoa powder? And is Sucanat the same thing as the evaporated cane juice you refer to in the recipe?

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                                  Evaporated cane juice is less processed than refined sugar and has more nutrients; retaining the mineral and trace elements - sucanat is a non-refined cane sugar - as in granular or dried juice crystals. This is optional - you can make this recipe without it.
                                  Raw organic cocoa powder differs from regular cocoa powder because it is less processed and has more cocoa flavonoids/rich in antioxidants.

                              2. There were quite a few good options here, but I ended up making haupia which I tarted up with cardamom and rose water, somewhat akin to a mashup of muhallabia and coconut barfi. The flavor was good, however the texture of haupia isn't exactly thrilling, but we were happy to have at least tried it once.