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Aug 13, 2009 06:48 AM

Gaffney's Wine Bar (Encinitas) reopened

Gaffney's used to be in the Lumberyard on the PCH but then the 3rd Corner opened just a few doors down. They couldn't compete with that kind of pricing and closed but now have reopened up on El Camino. The location is not glamorous but the bar is cute and they still have some good wines there. They also have a retail license.

It's nice to see someone reopen, not close forever because some tough competition moved in next door.

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  1. Since the move they have also started having dinners about once a month again.

    1. is this the same shopping center as Kaito?

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        Yes. While Kaito is in the "appendage" off of the main lot to the South of the plaza, Gaffney's is right off of the main lot on the West side of the plaza.