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Aug 13, 2009 06:46 AM

Toronto-Vegetarian/vegan and family friendly restaurants

I'll be coming to the city on Sunday with my family, including two young girls, 4 and 1.5, for a 4 day stay. We'll be staying at the Grand Hotel but will have a car. I'd be lying if I said my children were quiet and well behaved, beacause at this stage they are not, but we do our best to take the little one out when she gets too noisy. I'm looking for recs either within walking distance or a short drive for good family friendly ethnic vegetarian/vegan food. Bonus points for restaurants that offer both veg and meat choices. We plan on going to both St. Lawrence and Kensington Markets as well. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Rashnaa is a great South Indian/Sri Lankan spot. Yummy dosas and kothi roti. It's at 307 Wellesley Street East, a short drive from your hotel.

    1. one of your best bets will be ethiopian and one of the best places for children would be lalibela. i've seen kids running around there with the servers not batting an eye. there are meat and veg options (i'm particularly partial to kitfo, rare, and any veg variety platter) but they do take a while to get stuff out so just be aware that having a deadline to go somewhere after might not work out great. i think they're one of the best overall in toronto so you cannot go wrong here. it is a bit farther afield but completely worth it.

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        Thanks to both of you. Those sound like great suggestions.

      2. You could try Annapurna or Grapefruit Moon; they're both on Bathurst between Bloor and Dupont. Families with active kids always welcome, from what I've witnessed. Annapurna is veg; Grapefruit Moon is not ethnic but has both veg and meat options. Food best described as cheap and cheerful.

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          I Second Annapurna. Simple fresh comfort food. Great salads with home made dressings. Their tahini-mayo over steamed veggies, tofu and nori is out standing. Their grilled tofu sandwhich comes on home made chapati. Their tradional vegetarian food is better than their indian dishes.

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            I'd be at Annapurna all the time if they had wine with dinner! I like some of their Indian food but the other stuff is very good.

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              I took a couple friends there once and after they looked over the menu they exclaimed..."This place is dry!".

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                I sympathize with their moment of horror!

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                  I didn't want to totally dis their Indian food. It's pretty good. It's probably just not as decadent as other Indian resto's because they are not using tons of ghee butter in the curries. Their Indian food is cool too becasue it often will be studed with cashews.

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                    Yes, the do lose a little on taste (though I think only a little) because it's healthier.

        2. You could try Udupi on Gerrard st. East - its vegetarian and has a great variety. It also has a kid friendly menu with some fusion items and closer to the downtown where you are staying. There are other options too on Gerrard st ( veg and non veg).

          1. Magic Oven for pizza
            Fresh would be ok for kids, too

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              Le Commensal is a large buffet-style vegetarian restaurant. It can be expensive, because the plates are weighed when you pay at the cashier. The upside is that there is a ton of variety for all members of the family, the food is fresh and well-laid out and it is cafeteria style, so you can depart as soon as you've finished eating and the kids start getting restless.

              There are definitely veg options in Kensington and St. Lawrence Markets. Most Vietnamese places are very family friendly and offer vegetarian options (usually tofu, vegetables and either rice or noodles), though you should be specific with them about not using fish sauce in the cooking or dipping sauces, if you or the family are a strict vegetarians.

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                Some of the food is fresh at Le Commensal. But a lot of it is shipped in FROZEN from their plant in Montreal.

                And its been my experience in many Asian restaurants that they often have no idea what "vegetarian" means.

                Unlike Cafe 668:


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                  Cafe 668 is my fave Asian veg restaurant. But I'm not sure how kid-friendly they are. I was there with a baby once and it was fine but the baby was a good baby. Not sure how kids running around would go over.

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                      Do they have a patio? I didn't realize that. I've only ever been in the winter... is it on Dundas?