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Aug 13, 2009 06:45 AM

Wanna plan a foodie road-trip

I'm planning on kidnapping my hubby and taking a road trip from 11/19 till 11/28 this year. Will be travelling from Central/East Coast of Florida from Titusville heading North to who knows where and back. Looking for some good greasy spoons, BBQ joints, etc. to hit along the way. We are avid foodies and very passionate about cooking (and eating) - would love some suggestions of destinations w/ good food and maybe some things to do like antiquing, sightseeing, B&B's, etc.

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  1. Don't know where you've been before, but some places that come to my mind are Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC and a tour of eastern NC bbq joints. Lots of posts on those on this board that you can find by doing a search.

    This site will not allow any discussions of places to stay, shop, sightsee, etc.

    1. For NC, I'd strongly recommend the NC BBQ Society BBQ Trail. See that information at

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        No Asheville(NC BBQ Society BBQ Trail ) you know what the best BBQ in Asheville/Hendersonville area is? thanx

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          12 Bones...2 locations, one in Asheville, one just south of Asheville in Arden. Asheville location is only open M-F, 11:00 - 4:00; Arden location is open T-Sat, 11:00 - 4:00. Have also heard good reports on Louella's in Asheville.

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            I believe Luella's has moved from South to North Asheville, on Merrimon in the building that used to be Boston Pizza (just south of the building that used to be The Hop).

      2. Leaf season in the mountains will be just about over, so a coastal trip might be nice. Savannah & Charleston both offer a wide array of great food surrounded by lots of opportunities to pursue your other interests. From there Hwy 17 is full of history and lots of regional food finds heading north. This will bring you into some serious BBQ territory in NC!

        1. do you have a GPS? you can hit restaurants and sometimes judge by the name if you want to go.. I do it all the time, usually find some good places and it is exciting to find those great gems.

          1. Charleston SC and Savannah GA both have lots of recommended places (Mrs. Wilkes in Savannah)--Have been to both 12 Bones locations in Asheville (The Prez has been there, too!) and Luella's up on Merrimon Ave and can highly recommend them both. If you're looking for unique places to visit in small towns, scope out for some suggestions--one we visited back in may that was memorable was Pearl Fryar's topiary garden in Bishopville, SC.

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              Pearl is amazing. I hope you got to meet him.

              If you're on 17 north of Charleston go to Seewee Restaurant. The Wreck of the RIchard and Charlene in Mt Pleasant on Shem Creek is great too.