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Aug 13, 2009 06:10 AM

Chances of getting into Babbo just walking in?

I have been to Babbo only once when I took my parents there for their 25th anniversary and absolutely loved it. However, that was during the time when the Babbo craze was really at its peak. And now I have a serious craving for it.

It has been somewhere that I have wanted to go back and try, since their menu is extremely extensive and I did not get to try some of their signature items last time.I know it is still an extremely popular reservation, however I have heard some people having luck just going and trying to get a table on a whim. What are the chances of getting a table if I just go at around 5:30 on a weeknight? Perhaps a seat at the bar would be more realistic but that would be fine also I presume (although I prefer sitting in the dining room). That is not really prime time dining hour for NYC, and I have had luck getting into other difficult restaurants at that time. Seems like it may be worth a shot. Any thouughts?

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  1. I think if you literally got there AT 530pm, you'd be safe, though not guaranteed a table of your preference.

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      LeahBaila: I'm not sure about that...I went recently at 10:30 pm on a Weds and there was a half hour wait to sit at the bar. Steak, I think a bar seat is more realistic. Try it! either way, will be a great meal.

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        Thanks guys.... I think I will try it. If I get rejected I will just have to have a backup plan. Hmm I will have to check if any of my other destination spots are nearby also.

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          You probably realize this, but if you do sit at the bar try to get one of the seats on the short side with your back to the door. It will be much less cramped. I had a really great time at the bar--the people next to me let me try several of their dishes. The bartenders were also really helpful.

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            Yeah that is one of the coolt hings about dining at the bar- you can interact with fellow diners. Have never really had anyone willing to share their food though thats really cool.

    2. There's some tables in the bar area where you can dine, and those are exclusively for walk-ins. IIRC there are two round table and maybe 3-4 two tops against the front windows, banquette style seating. These are all in front of the host's podium.

      Or are you talking about the tables behind the podium, or on the 2nd floor? A seat at the bar is far more realistic but since people at the bar are usually dining as well, you may have to wait for a bar seat. Just make sure the bartenders know you are waiting for a seat.

      Also, you can always call to ask about cancellations. Or try to drop by before they open for service to inquire about making a reservation in the near future--you never know what they might have open.

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      1. re: kathryn

        Thanks Kat! I knew that you would be chiming in with your usual useful information. I think if I swing by there straight after work and get there before they open I should be able to at the very least snag something. On the weekend I would say no but during the week seems far more realistic.

        1. re: kathryn

          do a search, this is perhaps the most discussed topic on the manhattan board...and yes, your chances are 100% if the bar is ok, there are lots of hints to making your babbo bar experience better, easier, and quicker to sit that have been discussed at extreme length already...btw their ribeye for 2 is very good and reasonable...