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the Mill at 2T, Tariffville, Ct.

this restaurant just opened in the Tariffville Mill at the intersection of 189 & 315. we had dinner here last night, the day before the Hartford Courant article came out.
the space is just gorgeous, with high ceilings, brick walls, and comfortable high-backed chairs. there are only a few tables plus stools in front of the open kitchen.
for starters, we had an heirloom tomato salad with lemon dressing and a roasted duck breast with cheddar grits. dinner was red snapper with snap peas for DH, and gnocchi with white beans for me. everything was well-prepared, not overly fussy, with strong straightforward flavors.
caveats: the menu is very small (5 starters, 5 entrees, 3 desserts). if you tend to be a picky eater, you can go to their website & view the menu, which changes daily. the wine list is small as well, but interesting. prices are a little high.
we would go back. it's an appealing concept and a beautiful space. i wish the owners success.



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  1. Thanks for the review! My friends used to rent a space there and I can remember the brick arches. Definitely a really cool building.
    I think I will give them a try next week.

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      I went this past Saturday. We had two seats at the bar facing the kitchen. It is pretty cool to see whats going on and talk to the chefs. We got some appetizer tastings up there as well. The food was all presented very nicely, and tasted great. Each item was better than the next and we were totally stuffed at the end of the night. Some of the stuff we just looked at each other and were like 'wow' We probably went overboard with the ordering...The place has a great feel to it, not too fancy, but not really casual either. I'll be going back for sure.

    2. We've been to the Mill at 2t about 4 times so far. The most recent visit was Saturday 08/29 where we sat at the bar. It's an awsome experience if you get to sit there. You'll see first hand how the chefs prepare their dishes. I had the Ahi Tuna with an Asian pear salad which was quite tasty. My husband had the butter poached lobster served with braised short ribs. They fell off of the bone!! Chef Ryan made a grilled filet upon which he balanced a tempura crab cake. It looked totally 'sexy'.

      The energy in the place was great. It was quite busy, but you never felt rushed to leave. I just love to check out the menu every night they're open to see what's on for the evening, since chef makes changes daily. A really great place to try!

      1. Ate dinner there 9/26/09 and was wowed. Beautiful space, first-rate service, super well prepared creative dishes. Very unusual for this geographic area. Destined to become a special place for locals. Menu small, yes, but nice variety of choices. Nice touches: web site menu current for each day, black napkin for person wearing black slacks, white otherwise. Could have a few more choices of wines by the glass. Overall, a real gem.

        1. I agree it is fabulous. We sat at the "bar." Chef Ryan gave us an amuse bouche of seared scallops over a fresh corn gazpacho. I could have eaten an plate of them, they were so good.

          For apps, we had the braised pork belly which was very good and seared scallops over polenta because we just had to have more scallops. I had brazini with a deconstructed (my word choice) clam chowder. Absolutely the best dish I have had in forever. Hubby had filet. The meat was cooked perfectly and of excellent quality. My husband has been back and said his second meal was just as good.

          Everything is cooked to order and the staff is very accomodating, so this is a fabulous place if you have any special dietary needs. One word of advice. This place is small and busy with very little waiting room. Make reservations! ENJOY! JB

          1. Sadly, the link to the courant is broken. I am unable to find the review even on courant's website. frustrating!

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            1. We had the pleasure of dining here Saturday night and it was an amazing experience, start to finish. I would definitely suggest sitting at the "bar" adjacent to the kitchen--it was a nice experience getting to chat with Chef Ryan during the course of our dinner. Scallops for a starter and Wild Boar Tenderloin for SO and I enjoyed a local greens salad for a starter and Pork Osso Buco for entree. Best part? The Chocolate Pot de Creme for dessert--rich and heavenly. We would definitely go back.

              1. Can only add to what Chowhounders posted previously as we recently made it to 'The Mill at 2T'. Of course, if 'jquest' shared that 1/2 price gift certificate deal with her fellow posters maybe we could have got there even sooner! Come on now, I kid, I kid. I'll get over it(someday)... :) . Having been open for only a few months Chef Ryan and wife Kelleanne seemed to have made quite a name of 'TMA2T' and it should become a definite must-try for Hounds seeking creative and inspired food, much of which is prepared with uniquely sourced ingredients. A beer dinner just took place this week, a wine dinner is in the works(see you for that in January), and they'll be continuing to do occasional Sunday brunches so there's certainly alot to look out for. If nothing else, DO take the time to check their daily menu on their site Wed-Sat for a short but interesting read and your interest will no doubt be peaked.

                Our first meal in this handsome but casual seven table restaurant(and the above-mentioned food-bar facing the kitchen) certainly impressed. The warm setting and rich wood color was rather welcoming and quite comfortable...a little too comfortable if you were the reservation after us.. :) . The staff was quite accommodating overall despite having to hustle on that very busy night. There seemed to be larger parties in the remaining tables that were already seated thus the timing of our initial wine ordering as well as our second fills and appetizers was perhaps not as efficient than what is customary for them to deliver(this wasn't necessarily a drawback as we enjoyed taking our time looking over the menu and especially speaking with Kelleanne whenever possible). Later on as I was unsure of a red wine choice she took a moment to sample-pour two different selections for us to try despite what must of been a hectic pace for her and the staff in attending to everyone...the gesture was certainly appreciated. We ordered a Prosecco and a Malbec to get settled in and were then served popovers and fresh butter to start. The wine list was concise if not large but provided suitable breadth of selections of interest. Through the meal I later switched to a Pinor Noir and then a Zin while my co-pilot moved to an unoaked Chard and then a Pinot Gris.

                Having seen a 'Nantucket Bay Scallops' appetizer on their menu from the day before(that was replaced this night by a different offering of 'George's Banks Scallops with Parmesan Risotto and Asparagus Emulsion'), I feared I had missed the day-boat on sampling these bay-watching beauties. I was certainly glad to have asked about them as we were told that there was enough for us to order a portion...again a nice gesture and very much appreciated. I presume these simply served scallops were prepared with a brief high-heat pan sear as they were perfectly cooked and tastefully but not overly caramelized so that their natural flavor shined through(and through we were after digging right in). We also had to try the appetizers of 'Grilled Hanger Steak with Roasted Beets and a Tangerine Reduction' and the 'Hudson Valley Foie Gras with Scottish Shortbread, Cranberry Confit, and Candied Fennel'. It got quiet at the table from then on(yet again in a "Chow-heaven" sort of way). The Hanger Steak was a wonderful taste since we knew we weren't going to have beef for an entree(even though that night's
                'Painted Hills New York Strip with Duck and Potato Hash, Roasted Mushrooms, and Cauliflower Gratin was tempting) and my goodness, that Foie Gras would have been suitable to even have for a DESSERT..Wow. I recalled another Foie Gras preparation on a recent menu of theirs which was served with Apple Crisp and a Truffle-Honey Gelato. See a trend here? Oh 'Mill at 2T'...stop toying with my emotions already.

                I occasionally accuse my dining companion of ordering "boring" at times but I really should know better. That is that in a restaurant of distinction, they will undoubtedly put their own twist on what at first might sound "usual" but then turns out as tasteful and interesting as anything we could hope to have. Such was the case with her 'Veal and Shrimp Saltimbocca'. The Veal Loin(think thicker than what you're used to seeing) and Shrimp was served with Prosciutto, Gruyere(melted but still intact in ample rectangular pieces), Fingerling Potatoes("Flip me the finger!" I pleaded), Asparagus, and of course Sage. I had the Chef's tasting plate of 'New Zealand Rack of Lamb and LOLA Duck Breast'. This duo was served with a Winter Ratatouille and their playful but oh-so gourmet take on Tater-Tots. Not to get completely off-track but I'm always annoyed by another friend that orders his meat by saying "I'd like that medium rare...not too well-done in medium rare...but not too rare in medium rare either". Usually at that point I start to cringe and have to suppress the need to choke him. "What the hell" I usually burst out, "order the friggin' thing medium rare and be done with it already". Well, I had a laugh this night for the medium-rare on both meats was absolutely perfect....and dare I say skillfully cooked on the "rare side of medium rare"?!? You're in good hands with 2T..oh say can U-C?

                We finished with the best 'Beignets' that I could ever hope to have(yeah, you heard me New Orleans) and their take on a 'Caramel Macchiato Cheesecake'. The 'Beignets' were served with three dipping sauces and I say "their take" on cheesecake because while most hate the word "deconstructed"(can't blame them there)..this wasn't a slice of cheesecake per se. Lighter in texture but reminiscent of the fully flavored ingredients that comprise a cheesecake, all components were set atop a round crust which we begrudgingly shared. A slightly off-dry Riesling to wash down dessert for her and a new discovery...'Vinedo de los Vientos Alcyone' for me. This dessert wine was actually a RED Uruguayan bottling made from the Tannat grape. Not overly cloying, this fortified finisher was perfect with dessert and could certainly be one by itself. It is Ruby Port-like at first(but certainly richer and structured more like a brandy) and then finishes with an appealing vanilla note. Yet another wine find for this happy guy.

                Due to the delay earlier, the courses took slightly longer than what we would have otherwise required so there ended up being diners standing in the close quarters in front of our table by the bar towards the meal's conclusion. Sensing another glaring stare from a waiting customer that I dubbed the "Wicked Witch Without Her Broom", we decided to say goodbye to 2T with definite plans to return.

                Check out their Facebook page and see photo album pics of the restaurant:
                Short video segment from BetterCT with "Zany" Scot Haney:

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                  I promise to share my deals, just save one for me :)

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                    The Mill at 2T is the best restaurant in the Valley. Small cozy space, huge palate of flavors/textures by Ryan and utterly welcoming approach by Kelleane. Highly recommended as a special event dining destination. Keep this one close as it will be very hard to get reservations in the very near future.

                2. Lucky Tariffville. You locals(Tariff-"villains"!) get to enjoy this gem at will so I really don't feel that bad about having to compete for your seats here :) . Since we've only been able to set out in the Chowmobile on prime nights as of late we hadn't yet been able to enjoy a multiple course tasting opportunity at the 'Mill at 2T' prior to this week. As all of their daily changing menus have a way of doing, the New Year's Eve offerings certainly tempted but we couldn't attend- thus our determination in making arrangements for this much anticipated Chatom Vineyards Wine Dinner. Admirably talented, hospitable, gracious, and a plain joy to be dining with- 2T's team of Chef Ryan, Kelleanne, and staff again made for a memorable night with the Mill's highly held standard of inspired creative fare along with an in-depth tasting of a winery whose bottlings they serve some selections of and introduced us to on our first pre-holiday visit. What a way to start any week and a fine excuse to stay up a tad later than usual....excluding of course any rockstars, vinophiles, or foodies used to partaking in such indulgences- of which I saw a few ;) .

                  We again found ourselves quite impressed and talking afterwards of the setting Ryan and Kelleanne have created as they've quickly made '2T' a shared favorite of this Chow-couple who see it refreshing that their recent accolades are in fact so well deserved. The food speaks for itself but it's also rewarding in experience and interactions which makes '2T' so memorable and worthwhile.

                  Check out that night's menu while I attempt to gather myself :) :

                  Butter Poached Lobster
                  Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Saffron Vanilla Sauce
                  paired with Chatom Vineyards 2007 Sauvignon Blanc

                  Sautéed Black Cod
                  Forbidden Rice("Oh behave!"), Pickled Hedgehog Mushrooms, Preserved “Lemonade”
                  paired with Chatom Vineyards 2007 Chardonnay

                  Duck and Butternut Ravioli
                  Confit of Duck Leg, Butternut Squash, Soft Hen Egg, Sage Brown Butter
                  paired with Chatom Vineyards 2006 Merlot

                  Pan Roasted Squab Breast
                  Caramelized Parsnips, Savoy Cabbage Kraut
                  paired with Chatom Vineyards 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon

                  Veal Short Rib “Stroganoff”
                  Carrot Parpadalle, Parmesan Velouté, Parisian Vegetables
                  paired with Chatom Vineyards 2005 Esmeralda Syrah

                  Tasting of Colorado Lamb
                  Roasted Loin and Slow Cooked Breast, Homemade Potato Gnocchi, Smashed Minted Peas
                  paired with Chatom Vineyards 2006 Zinfandel

                  Chocolate and Cheese
                  Chocolate Cake with Ganache
                  Coach Farm Goat / le Delice du Jura / Piave
                  Crusty Baguette and Truffle Honey
                  paired with Chatom Vineyards 2004 Vintage Port

                  "We've changed a lot and then some...some
                  You know that we've always been down...down
                  If I didn't ever thank you...you
                  Then just let me do it now"

                  Mill at 2T
                  2 Tunxis Rd, Tariffville, CT 06081-9686

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                    Agree totally with nores. I had the Black Cod there recently and it was superb....very light, nice flavor. 2T is a gem!

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                      Had the Black Cod last night and it was amazing. I asked to sub out the carrots that came with it and was surprised with a creamed cabbage that was incredible!

                      We made reservations for 3 weeks from now to go back!