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Aug 13, 2009 05:16 AM

Illinois State Fair Food

Going to the State Fair on Sunday (AUG 16). It will be my first time there. What are the classic food items? I don't want to come home and hear people say: "What, you went to the Fair, and you did not have any _____________!"

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  1. I may be a little late...but my must is the shrimp on the stick just south of the grandstand...they come from the gulf coast each year and it is good....also the lemon shake ups at Pat & Mike's...across from the Coliseum. I advoid the fried on a stick candy bars, etc. but the Ethic Village has a lot of good eats....eww

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      thanks for the reply. Wound up having a Venezuelan lunch. Tasty and filling.

      The ice cream in the dairy barn, however, was nothing special.

    2. Sorry, I did not get to reply before the fair was over....try the corn dog...Vose's is the one most like the best and the shrimp on a stick from louisana and anything at Pat and Mike's. Porkchop sandwiches are the year...EWW