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Aug 13, 2009 03:52 AM

BYOB Providence?


I will be in Providence for the weekend and am interested in a great restaurant that is BYOB. Would prefer non Italian as I have plans for that already but am open to suggestions. Corkage fee OK


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  1. I would call to double check, but from my memory:

    Los Andes - Bolivian/Peruvian***
    Sakura - Japanese
    Sawadee - Thai***
    Not Just Snacks - Indian***
    Angkor - Cambodian***
    Thai Star
    Apsara - Pan-Asian
    Blue Elephant - American
    Tokyo - Japanese
    Pho Paradise - Vietnamnese
    Phonatic - Vietnamnese***
    Tina's Carribean - Jamaican
    Meeting Street Cafe - sandwiches
    O-cha - Thai and Sushi

    *** - I really like the food at these restaurants

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    1. re: malyna

      Thanks so much, Mayna. I owe you one!