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Aug 12, 2009 11:42 PM

Any Kid-Friendly Restaurant around Chino Hills, CA?

Although I'm a resident of the SGV area... I have zero knowledge of the Chino Hills area. Reason being is my cousin will be flying from New York with her kids (I guess... a 12 and a 15 yr old) so I'll be their chauffeur in the next two days - I have just half a day with them and I've actually never met the kids. In addition, they're staying with her brother who has a 7 yr old so he'd be tagging along with us.

I'm hoping someone can enlighten me of any good eats in the Chino Hills area. We'll be spending in the Arcadia/El Monte area during the daytime and I'm familier with that territory... yet to take them home along the way to Chino Hills... what's a good, kid-friendly eat out on a Friday night? Could be restaurant style or fast-food as I don't know how picky the kids are.

I think we'll be in the area of the Chino Spectrum Marketplace and Crossroad Marketplace at Chino Hills.

Any suggestions? Pour it in!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. In N Out?

    Everything is mostly chain. Maybe Louie's Chicken. Both are in the Spectrum.

      1. Centro Basque is great fun for lunch. It's prix fix and you sit at communal tables. We take our kids there all the time. They usually have a salad, soup a main course, blue cheese served along side bread and wine, sodas for the kids. It's slim pickings if your looking for something other than corporate food....which there is alot of. BJs pizza, Lucilles, I think that off shoot of Panda, stuff like that.