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Aug 12, 2009 08:49 PM

Saturday Lunch Options

I'll be arriving in Chicago this coming Saturday at noon, dropping my luggage at my river north hotel and heading to the Museum of Science and Industry for the Harry Potter Exhibit. Where should I have lunch that's on the way to the museum?

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  1. I would recommend the Gage on south Michigan Ave. It will probably be crowded, but the food is great and it is most likely (kind of) between your hotel and the museum.

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    1. re: vrollings

      Where is your hotel?

      Great rec on The Gage. Mercat a la Planxa is another great option. If you are taking the bus to the Museum, the X28 is right on Michigan Ave. The #10, which takes you directly to the Museum , i think has a stop on Balbo, which is on the side of Mercat.

      1. re: ms. chow

        #6 (Balbo & Michigan) will also take you there. If you'd like to eat near the Museum, Piccolo Mondo is practically across the street. It's a very pleasant modest Italian restaurant that's been up and down over the years, but which, based on a recent lunch, seems to be on an upswing . Try the stuffed gnocchi with red peppers and capers.