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Aug 12, 2009 08:30 PM

Peanut butter hummus?

So, after witnessing Anita Lo's peanut butter/tahini mix-up on TC Masters, I got to thinkin'...could you make a hummus-like dip with peanut butter that would give you a nice peanut buttery flavor without the fat content? I'm thinking something to go on fruits and veggies. I'd lean towards an oily peanut butter, and hopefully be able to cut out the olive oil by doing so. The usual hummus flavorings are pretty much out, though, and that's where I'm getting stuck. I think chipotle would work nicely, but that would give a pretty distinct maybe smoked paprika for the smoke without the heat? Maybe curry powder for another variation? Does anyone have any other ideas, or am I nuts?

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  1. i've used a little natural PB in the past when i was mid-prep and realized i didn't have enough tahini. there are so many ways you can go with it...

    1. Of course you're nuts -- writing about tahini and peanuts! Sorry, couldn't resist.

      I'm not a huge tahini fan, and tend to let it go rancid in my kitchen. I usually make a rather low-fat version of hummus, and find peanut butter works quite nicely. I don't like thick, fatty hummus much. Chipotle would be really good, I think. It's not like it's a dish particularly prone to ruining with seasonings (though a friend's dill variation was nauseating).

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        not nuts, but seeds and legumes! ;-).

      2. Hellooooo! - I think it would be lovely to make peanut hummus - I am such a freak that during season I make hummus from fresh garbonzo's - (which is awesome but time consuming) - anyway why not? In most countries peanuts are used as a savoury, so I am now going to try it - I am going to use boiled peanuts - that should emulsify well.
        I like the smoky idea - am rushing out to see if I can find boiled peanuts - again they are a seasonal item but I think I can find them frozen! Will let you know! Great idea love recipies outside the box!

        1. What fat issues are you concerned about? Peanuts and tahini both have a decent amount of fat in them, although it is the "good" kind of fat that is not bad for your cholesterol--ditto for olive oil. In any case great hummus can be prepared just fine without any additional oil (besides the tahini). You may need to use a bit more water.

          Unless you putting copious amounts of extra oil in your hummus I don't think you need to worry about the fat content, it is very low and the fats are healthy.

          I like adding a good amount of fresh ground black pepper into my hummus. Adds a little kick (learned this form a local hummus brand here). Some cumin (already ground) works well, too. I don't like really strong flavors like roasted peppers, chipotle, etc in my hummus. Can always have those on the side later. When serving, I like to drizzle some good EVOO on and a couple dashes of smoked paprika.

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            I was referring to the fat content in peanut butter...thinking I could "cut it" with the chickpeas and still end up with a peanut butter-flavored dip, but with less calories per tablespoon.

          2. i don't watch top chef and i'm not sure what your concern is about fat -- since both tahini and peanut butter are both nearly all fat.

            i really dislike tahini so often will use a combo of natural (no sugar) peanut butter and sesame oil and puree garbanzos or white beans with that. if you're really being fat-phobic,you can thin the puree with water or the liquid from canned beans, if not using home-cooked. flavors you associate with middle eastern cuisine all work here -- cumin, ginger, cilantro, coriander, mint, garlic, chili. don't be skeered!