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Aug 12, 2009 08:28 PM

Alinea's or Moto's

We are planning a trip to Chicago in a couple of weeks. We are trying to decide between Alinea's and Moto's. What are your thoughts? We've been wanting to try molecular gastronomy and thought this would be our chance. How are the two similar and different?


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      1. re: hoppy2468

        Fifth that? :P If you do choose Alinea (which you should), I would get on those reservations quickly. They go pretty fast.

    1. I'm in the Alinea camp as well. Both are in the forefront of molecular gastronomy. Moto focuses on the fantasy. Could come off as more child's play than anything else. Alinea is cerebral. It really makes one think and pushes your idea of what food should be.

      1. Thanks for all your input. Based on your recommendations, I made a reservation for Alinea. I'm so looking forward to eating there!

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        1. re: Himawari

          Did you end up doing the Tour or the Tasting?

        2. This isn't even close - in my opinion it is literally like comparing The French Laundry with Bouchon - both serve french food....that is pretty much where the comparison ends. :-)