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Aug 12, 2009 08:22 PM

Lei Garden

It seems that the cognescenti highly recommend the Wanchai location over others. What makes it different (and preferable) to the others?

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  1. The chef! Also, the Wan Chai location is where the owner usually held his weekly 'food tasting' of new dishes and check consistency of old ones etc.

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      And so neither the IFC nor the Tsim Tsa Tsui (where I'll be staying) locations can compare, I suppose.

      1. re: ulterior epicure

        I have not been back to Lei Garden Wanchai for the last 3 years and IFC for last 1 year. But both are excellent restaurants. My recollection is that Wanchai is more traditional Cantonese while IFC is more innovative with modern interpretation. IFC has better ambiance and more expensive too because of better location and mostly business clientele. However, one foodie friend said the best Lei Garden is in MongKok...not able to verify since I have not been to that branch.

    2. For a little while some of the more experiened chefs (maybe the head guy even?) was at the branch at Elements (Kowloon Station) to oversee the opening. I don't know what the situation is now, but I went a couple of months back and it was still very good, though admittedly I've never been to the Wanchai location so I can't compare...

      1. Have started to avoid Lei Garden IFC for lunch. They pre-steam and re-heat their dim sum in order to increase table turnover. Beyond just the fixed eating time slots they hand out for lunch, its just not acceptable. When a restaurant gets greedy like that, its just down hill from there on out... Although I work in Wanchai, have avoided that location too on the assumption they do that everywhere now...

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          As an aside, we were at Lei Gargen Beijing a couple weeks ago. (To satisfy a Cantonese craving)
          Menu lacks some items present in Hong Kong. Location is bigger than IFC's, yet the food was still very good per US standards.

          Full review:

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            I primarily go to the one in Elements but do recall the menu being almost identical to the one at IFC. Sucks to hear that some of the branches are starting to take shortcuts, but the dinners are still wonderful, especially if you order their signature dishes, and both restaurants are surely beautiful.