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Aug 12, 2009 07:43 PM

Dining around the State Capital in Sacramento/ Dining in Lake Tahoe

Evening chowhounds,

I'll be heading to Lake Tahoe as the first leg of a short (4 day trip). I do not know which side of the lake my boyfriend reserved our hotel on but we're not opposed to driving. Can anyone tell me of any wine tasting rooms or restaurants with a decent wine list. Also, any recommendations for hole in the wall favorites or hole in the wall ethnic food (any). I'll be there next Weds-Friday.

I'll be heading to our state's capital as part of a short excursion and touring the capital building. I'll be here next Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Any outstanding, Sacramento institutions near the capital, ethnic hole in the walls, or again wine pairings that would be worth it for dinner or breakfast.


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  1. Lake Tahoe is quite large so to get good recs it will definitely depend on which side of the lake you will be staying. It is not a drive you will want to make after dark if you are not familiar with the area and certainly not if you have had a cocktail. There are many restaurants on both sides of the lake with excellent wine lists.

    As far as wineries go, if you are on the north shore Truckee River winery has a tasting room in Tahoe City that is open Fri-Sun. Also in Auburn about 45 min west of Truckee is the Auburn Wine Trail that has quite a few wineries. Haven't done it yet but it is on my list. Check the website for hours as many smaller wineries are only open on the weekends and some by appt only. You might consider doing that on the way to Sac. ( in moderation of course).

    If you can specify where you are staying, you will get more input. Have fun!

    1. Spataro's is near the Capital....across the street on L. Delicious food, nice atmosphere.

      1. On the way to Tahoe, a side trip to Amador County would be outstanding for wine tasting. Just east of Plymouth, off of highway 49 are a number of wineries that are know for big, bold reds. Renwood has some of the best Zin around and Storey winery has a great tasting area in a cabin perched on the top of the Consumnes River canyon where you can sip some wine, have a picnic, and watch the eagles and vultures soar overhead.

        If you end up on the south side of the lake, Cafe Fiore is highly recommended for Italian. The food is outstanding, the wine list deep, and the romance factor is high. Prices are in the $25-$40 range. Reservations are a must at all times because there are only 7 tables inside with another 3 or 4 outside on the deck.

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          Thanks, yours is not the first recommendation for Amador county. I didn't know Renwood is from there. I've had their zin before. Sounds like this would be worth taking a lil' detour.

          Ooh, I do enjoy Italian. Double thanks. =)

        2. I ate at Biba about ten days ago and it was simply--and I do mean simple---fantastic. Has sweetbreads as an appetizer & can say that they were among the best I have ever had. The Osso Buco was very, very good. It's worth a trip when in Sacremento.

          1. For sacramento, Mason's (, Mulvaney, Waterboy.

            Waterboy Restaurant
            2000 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95814

            Mulvaney's B & L
            1215 19th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814