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Aug 12, 2009 07:38 PM

Toms River's farmers market

I have been going to the farmers market at Huddy Park in toms River for the past couple of years and although it is not like the Union Square market or the Reading terminal it's pretty terrific for what it is. I would say they have about 20 vendors everything from a pickle lady to an organic farmer. Over the past couple of weeks I've had wonderful fingerling potatoes from the organic farmer, great bunches of wild flowers for five dollars, New Jersey blackberries and absolutely delicious yellow watermelon. There's also a guy who has raw milk cheese and organic grass fed pork which I plan to pick up next week. There is a bread guy, a honey lady, an Eastern Europepean bakery a vendor who sells a terrific amount of different nuts, my current favorite party hot spicy Cajun Peanuts. I've purchased beets, dandelion greens really great peaches and of course the corn is at its peak right now.
The market takes place on Wednesdays at Huddy Park in downtown toms River I believe the hours are 10 to 5 and there's free parking.

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  1. Just for Wednesday? Sounds great and I like to go but quite impossible during the week since I do not work in TR!

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      I've been there many times it's nice & had some interesting items close to home.....but my favorite is the big Columbus farmers market on RT 206!

    2. I frequent the TR Farmers Market and agree that it's excellent. Yesterday however was a wash out.