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Aug 12, 2009 07:14 PM

Spot for Engagement on Vancouver Island

Hi. I will be traveling to Victoria (then on to Ucluelet and Tofino) in a couple of weeks and was hoping for recommendations on where to pop the question. My first inclination is to ask for an excellent restaurant near or in Victoria since that's the first stop on the itinerary. But hey, I am open to ideas (whether in a romantic restaurant or in a different memorable location) and this is a creative group of people. Thanks for your input.

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  1. I can think of no more romantic spot than the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino. Sure, it is expensive, but it has unbelievable views regardless of the weather and, IMO, the food is very good (albeit very pricey). Make a reservation in advance and ask for a window table overlooking the ocean. This beautiful restaurant is actually on the edge of the ocean, and on stormy nights the waves almost crash into the dining room windows.

    If you had to choose the Victoria area, I would suggest the Sooke Harbour House. Also VERY expensive but romantic ambience. It is a 40 minute drive from Victoria, so perhaps you would be best off booking a night at the inn if you should choose to eat at the restaurant there.

    If you are right in Victoria, I think that Restaurant Matisse would be a good choice. Quiet, romantic restaurant with very good service. I have not been since the new chef was hired, but in the past the food there has been remarkably consistent, if a bit 'old school' French.

    I'd be interested in hearing others' suggestions.

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      I second Wickaninnish Inn. Amazing views and good food.

    2. Take her up to the sooke potholes and go swimming. its relazing, tranquil, and so beautiful.. on your way back to sooke there is a cute little dinner that makes some tasty halibut.. no clue on what its called though. but great food.. the potholes is a one of a kind place...

      1. Have dinner at Sooke Harbor House, but then stay at Point No Point Resort (cabin 5 is my favorite). Sweet cabins overlooking the ocean, romantic walk in the woods to the beach--build a fire at the tea house on the beach. I love this place!

        1. The Aerie has nice views.

          1. How about on a float plane or helijet ride? Great views!

            Or pick up items from Choux Choux for a picnic somewhere. Someone else will have to help for picnic locations... by the water / beach? Beacon Hill park?

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              I love the idea of getting there by float plane/helijet but unless the OP is planning to mime his proposal, I'd say wait till you're on terra firma again. Both modes of transportation provide stunning views on a clear day but are LOUD. Also if the intended is prone to any kind of motion sickness, choose the helijet as the fixed wing option can be tummy upsetting on even the most perfect day.

              +1 for getting some grub at Choux Choux and heading out for a picnic if you're into a more casual approach but still topnotch eats. I like the southernmost tip of Beacon Hill Park which is (longish) walkable from Choux Choux and has the added attraction of passing the Beacon Drive Inn with its yummy soft serve but there must be other places equally nice/better.

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                I know someone that float planed over to Tofino to get married on the beach!

                1. re: fmed

                  Actually, that is a good point: there are so many romantic places in Tofino the OP could opt to pop the question outside a restaurant ie. at the beach or elsewhere...