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Aug 12, 2009 07:08 PM

Sushi restaurant around Yonge and Lawrence


I was in Japango the other day talking with the waiter and he recommended a sushi place to me around Yonge and Lawrence. I'll be around there tomorrow but I've completely forgotten the name. I think it was a Japanese name, beginning with an 's', any ideas?


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    1. re: tjr

      I would guess it's Shinobu, which operates in the evenings out of Makisushi Restaurant at 3403 Yonge St., just north of Yonge and south of Old Yonge. Shinobu was highly recommended to me by a Japanese friend also.

      There is a new "sushi bar" type place on Yonge just south of the Makisushi location - I haven't tried it but looks very nice, and appears to be more of an upscale takeout sushi place. I believe the owners/workers are japanese, or so I've been told by a snooping neighbour who went by during the renovations.

        1. re: Danada

          Went last night. Decent fish. Overpriced and bad service. I had chirashi ('Kaisen don B') and it was tiny and certainly didn't look like $25 worth of fish. There was no soup in sight and when I asked for tea only I was given a cup and not the person I was eating with. Certainly no Japango.

          1. re: Danada

            sorry to hear about your experience at Shinobu.

            yesterday, I had a chance to try the new place "The Sushi Bar" ( just steps below the Makisushi/Shinobu location and was very pleased with the experience. I have not had positive experiences with the several sushi places in & around this area, however, I do believe the Sushi Bar is a sign of much better things to come. I only tried the rolls but they were about the best rolls i've had in a long time: the rice is so important, and this rice was just perfectly vinegared, not over cooked and not packed in there like a ball of ricecake like at some places. mostly takeout, it appears as there is very little seating - I noticed organic salmon on the menu and vegetarian options too. would heartily recommend this place if you have the urge for sushi in this neighbourhood.

    2. Can anyone recommend a decent takeout sushi place near Yonge & Lawrence? Delivery would be nice too.....or fast eat-in service.

      We have done Shichimi Sushi a couple of times, but looking for something different.


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      1. re: ghetto_scarlem

        I would suggest The Sushi Bar - have tried it twice now and is definitely superior to the Shichimi Sushi (which I have also tried and was not impressed by). I think these days the Sushi bar is offering 10% discounts as an opening special. Otherwise, I have ordered from Issmi on Avenue/401 (hit &miss), Ichiban on Spring Garden, Ichiban on Ellesmere/Vic Park, Sushi Bong (Yonge/Church - which I grow more disenchanted by with each visit bc our orders have not been ready on time and there's just too much rice packed into the rolls )

        1. re: berbere

          Thanks berbere. We got takeout from The Sushi Bar tonight. We got a couple of maki rolls and tempura udon. We really enjoyed the rolls, but the udon was only OK. The owner seemed very nice, as were the young people working there (his son & daughter?). The Sushi Bar has only been open at this location a couple of months, and I think they have delivery, but it might be better to call ahead to ensure they will deliver.

          3369 Yonge Street (North of Lawrence

          1. re: ghetto_scarlem

            Glad to hear your approval (at least of the rolls). I tried the yaki udon once and it was just ok, tho it was a huge portion with lots of chicken. Seeing the lunch specials (around $8) and the empty space most days, i worry that it may not last - I do hope the owner perseveres as it is the only decent japanese in the area.

            1. re: ghetto_scarlem

              went to The Sushi Bar on Saturday just after they opened… what drew us in was that they had placed a demo bento set outside and the miso soup was piping hot, steam blowing in the wind…

              so we walked in and discovered the owner and chef is Japanese and I had an appetizer special of the day… Salmon Tartare! That was amazing and then we also had a California Maki Roll, yummy…

            2. re: berbere

              I 2nd Sushi Bong as I still get takeout from them even though I have moved downtown. I agree the quality seems to be going down every time but still one of the better rolls on a budget. I like to get sashimi (mainly toro, ika, tako) from J-Town and combine it with Sushi Bongs rolls for a great feast at home. If you can drive up to galleria try the sushi place in their food court.

          2. I'm sure you've come and gone long ago, but I finally tried Shinobu tonight... I'm sure you could hear the drum roll... I am so so sorry to say that it was as good as mall sushi. I will feel this disappointment for a while. Bought four rolls to try and only ate one piece of the fancy Dream Roll. While not convenient, my new favourite is Mikado at Eg/Laird. A friend who lived in Japan for ten years says that it's the best outside of Japan that he's tasted. Watch out for the sushi master - he's kind of crabby... They make their own ginger and I think they even make their own soy sauce. OMG... sooo good.

            1. From what I read on a 2010 Toronto Star review, Shinobu should be viewed as an izakaya or cooked food destination, not a sushi spot. Fried chicken, chicken skin, natto, okonomiyaki, etc. Going tonight, will report back.

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              1. re: Food Tourist

                Shinobu is very good. Both cooked and raw dishes are lovely. We had the chicken skin (reminded us of pork rinds), fried chicken with mayo, okonomiyaki, agedashi tofu, broiled mackerel, sashimi, sushi, etc. The fish and seafood was very tasty and seemed fresh and high quality, especially sweet shrimp, scallops, spanish mackerel, etc.

              2. If price is not much of an issue, IMHO, no Japanese establishments around that area beats 'Katsura' inside the Prince Hotel for quality. Pretty authentic by GTA standard.
                Head by a Japanese exec chef "Noreyuki??' San, Nigiri sushi is very well done. Shari nicely cooked and seasoned and Neta correctly draped over the shari similar to top Tokyo sushi places. They also offer a more than decent Omakase Kaiseki dinner for around $90. Very fresh Sashimi. Nice Sake selection.
                But like Hotel establishments any where, one pays a bit of a premium for the location. The place kind of reminds me of one of the restaurant inside the ANA Hotel in Akasaka, Tokyo