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Aug 12, 2009 06:48 PM

restaurant with meeting room (HOU)


Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Houston that has a good, quiet meeting room? It's only for about 10 people, but we're having an actual meeting so we need to hear each other without too many distractions. I know this may be pushing it, but having a whiteboard or chalkboard would be really helpful also.

I know there are non-restaurant meeting rooms around that have these things, but I would like everyone to be able to order food also. Any suggestions?


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  1. Am sure a score of folks will have better & more specific suggestions, but I've been at meetings in a lot of hotels ... and those hotels usually have a restaurant ... and the big ones have 3-5 restaurants of different types. Folks could get their meals & bring 'em into the meeting room ... or ... by special arrangement w/ the restaurants ... one or 2 could cater the room? Hotels w/ those facilities are common by the Galleria, by the Airports & downtown.

    Kim Son (the original E of the G E Brown) had a "family" banquet room in their original restaurant (I go back a ways w/ them) but I'm sure their new 2 story brick restaurant has similar arrangements.

    Likewise, Ocean Palace 11215 Bellaire inside beltway 8 is monstrous ... must be some corner or private room they could put you in. I'd be surprised if they wouldn't have a white board ... I'm betting they host oriental businessmen's meetings.

    if all y'all like sushi & oriental ... you might check w/ Todai. Most of it is like a big barn & it can get noisy ... I don't know if they have a side dining room ... or could fence you guys off in a corner & keep the herd away for a bit more quiet for you. One advantage of Todai is the extensive range of foods ... from fried to sushi to generic oriental ... and all you want to eat. Granted, it ain't the best of the best of sushi just because of the advance preparation. Here's another thought to get around the noise ... ask if you could have your meeting 1 hr before one of their regular opening times ... so you could have a grab at the food first ... 10 of you won't dent their supplies ... and it might be a side-racket they could get into for similar small meetings. Just argue w/ 'em that they are too noise during regular meal times ... and your small group won't put much of a demand on their staff ... maybe just need 1 waitress? The food will already be prepared ... so it's not as though you are demanding chefs to do anything special for you. Suppose you could do the same AFTER one of their regular mealtimes ... but your choice of foods might not be as extensive. It all would depend upon your time needs.

    For places that don't have a white board ... you could go to any office supply & spring for a tripod easel & either your own 2.5' x 3' white board ... or a paper pad w/ 2x3' flip pages? It might make the enterprise a lot cheaper than a hotel conference room. Easy to transport to any future similar meetings.

    Then there's just getting off into a corner at the right time of day of a restaurant ... such as Goode Co Seafood. They have a couple of corners that could hold 10 folks w/ minimal interruptions unless you pick peak dining hours ... they could give you the best times, I'm sure.

    Then there's The Aquarium @ 410 Bagby ... if it's still open. An upstairs & a downstairs restaurant ... one might be quieter or used as a private dining room by arrangment.

    I'd think Mi Luna for Tapas in Rice Village would have a suitable corner (I usually sit out front & haven't seen the whole place).

    How about the back room (the closed in porch) at Biba's One's a Meal Greek Village @607 W Gray & Stanford ... 713-523-0425? The hot appetizer plate & the cold appetizer plate will feed a few people & gives some nice variety. Again ... maybe not during peak hours ... but otherwise they could shunt folks to the main dining room to give you some privacy ... and even if crowded, it's not a noisy place usually.

    Then, there's Luby's & Denny's ... some locations have private dining rooms or could fence off a section for y'all at off-peak hours. Not fancy & no booze ... but most folks can find something on the menu they can choke down. I don't know when Luby's opens (haven't been to one in >20 yrs) but Denny's can provide a pretty extensive breakfast menu if you plan an early meeting.

    Does the Remington still have the "High Tea" with the harpist? That room was big enough to put 10 in a corner.

    Pappadeaux & Pappasitos & the other Pappas enterprises would probably have side dining rooms.

    Same w/ Romano's Macaroni Grill.

    Down by Hobby, I like Tony Mandola's Blue Oyster Bar ... 8105 Gulf Fwy ... tiny place but usually not crowded till happy hour. But, I haven't been there in 10 yrs ... no telling if the quality is as good still.

    That should get you started if noone has better suggestions. You might want to specify what part of town & what time of day so folks can focus in a bit better ... and you won't be sent clear across town. Obviously, if folks are flying in ... then the airport areas might be best.

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      Mandolas is closed-now a carpet shop at that locstion.

    2. Ck out the "wine room" at Grappino's on/off W. Dallas behind Nino's and Vincent's restaurant. I've had a meeting or two there.. Its rustic,, secluded from the noise of the restaurant,, you could do a nice presentation inc pwr point with ease. The room is rented, has terrific ambience and great food to boot.
      Also,, recently held a meeting at Gravitas on Taft. They have a seculded room upstairs from the main that offers quiet and will easily accommadate the numbers you need. Good food (the hanger steak is awesome) and svc..

      have fun