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Aug 12, 2009 06:12 PM

Any way to overnight mail order a sandwich from Verti Marte?

Crazy idea, but if you've had the sandwich you'd understand. I'd love to overnight an All That Jazz to a friend in Chicago for his birthday in a couple weeks. Unfortunately, I'm in New York. Anyone know of any services in NO that do this sort of thing or if the Verti Marte itself might be willing, for a price?

My Dad just brought me one home yesterday and it survived the 12 hour trip (airport delays) unrefrigerated. (I'm still licking the Wow sauce off my fingers - what's in that stuff?!?!) I'm thinking a little blue ice in the package to Chicago would be a good idea.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Places at the airport might be a good bet, some send out andouille and the like. King Cakes are sent all over the place.

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    1. re: bronwen

      Thank God I have finally found somebody who feels the same way I do about the po boys from Verti Marte. I lived in New Orleans 14 years, from May 1991until Katrina. I left New Orleans on Sunday September 4, 2005, after surviving six days in the aftermath of Katrina. I have
      returned to New Orleans three times. I have enjoyed only one po boy from Verti Marte since
      Katrina. I wish every tourist who ever visits New Orleans would respond and react the way
      this young man did to these incomparable po boy sandwiches. I always loved to eat the
      half oyster and half shrimp po boys. I especially liked to buy the cheap serving of macaroni and cheese and walk across the street from Verti Marte and sit on the stoop
      on Royal Street and watch the other customers passing in and out the door as I ate my
      macaroni and cheese. The macaroni and cheese at Verti Marte featured four different
      kinds of cheese for $2. That is still one of the best bargains in the known universe.

      Overall the po boys, the 10 ounce crab cakes, the barbecue pork ribs, and the vegetable
      and meat entrees at Verti Marte remain for me

      the best food in the next thirteen universes.

      That is, if you believe in the theory of a pulsating universe.

      Please tell all tourists to keep Verti Marte in business so I can continue to
      enjoy a catfish po boy each time I visit New Orleans.

      I now live in Lafayette, Louisiana but my heart and my appetite still remain in New Orleans. I know what it means to miss New Orleans, as Louis Armstrong said.

      Thanks for the post.
      Jim Martin
      pob 1381
      scott louisiana 70583
      cell 337-849-1673

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I had never even heard of this place. Will try it the next time I am in NO.