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Aug 12, 2009 05:57 PM

Good eats near Sutton Place in Edmonton?


We're staying at the Sutton Place hotel for 4 days downtown Edmonton. I know that there is a Spaghetti house on a street near by along with an Indian restaurant (both of which we have frequented often). Any other suggestions for us? As we're visiting for business, on average, we'd like to spend about $20-$30 dollars a person for dinner.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Blue Plate diner is good. It's just north of Jasper ave on 104 st.

    One Hundred Bar/Kitchen is near Sutton Place. It's across the street from the Westin.

    Since you are staying downtown, you may also want to checkout chinatown. I like Century Palace on 97 st a little north of 105 ave.

    1. You are right downtown so not too far from anything superangela.

      I think you were referring to the Boardwalk Building which houses the Spaghetti Factory [would not be recommended by me] and Haweli [spelling?]. In the same area is a relatively new seafood-Portugese addition called Sabor Divino I think. I have only been there for lunch the one time but enjoyed my meal of barbequed chicken piri-piri.

      A short stroll away is the main Sorrentino's restaurant for Italian and continental dishes. It is on 100th Street and Rice Howard Way [just south of 102 Ave] near the Westin with the Sutton Place being on 101 st Street, just north of 102 A Ave.

      Hardware Grill is expensive, big portions more an expense account type place that I have not been back to since the economy and I think staffing issues prompted it to close for lunch. That having been said I like it and owners Larry and Melinda Stewart are good hosts and have quite professional, polished serving staff.

      It is a short taxi ride away just east of the Canada Place Building on Jasper and I think 97th street. The area can be a tad "dicey" some nights.

      S.B. Russell has already mentioned 100. Their other restaurant downtown is the Luxe Steakhouse in Commerce Court which can be accessed from the Sutton Place if you do not mind doing a rather circuitous route through the pedway system which accesses Edmonton Centre, Manulife and Commerce Court.

      Characters is a few blocks to the west of you. Not one of my favourites but would be suitable for a business dinner. Probably will cost a few bucks more than what you suggested.

      Close by in Edmonton Centre in their western building near the Bay is L'Azia which serves asian influenced food which is quite good. I "put them down" initially as being upscale "food court fare" but that may have just been my prejudice when they opened as what I have had their more recently has been quite good is closer to the price range you mentioned.

      Enjoy your stay

      1. More suggestions:

        Near 100 is also It's All Greek to Me (opposite the east side of Scotia Place building).

        If you want something more casual and inexpensive, stroll along Jasper Ave and you'll hit the Funky Pickle (pizza), Kabsa (middle-eastern), Sankyu (sushi), Sobey's Urban Fresh (deli and oyster bar).

        If you're willing to walk farther or take a short cab ride there are restaurants over at Jasper Ave and 109 st. (Kai for Asian Fusion, Kyoto for Japanese). Casual Italian over at Rigoletto's Cafe (10305 – 100 Avenue) or Thai over at Boun Thai (10056 107 Street Nw).

        In Chinatown there are lots of options. Along 97 st there's Thai at Boualong, noodles at Spicy Garden, pho, etc. and even more in the surrounding area.

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          The Hat is also nearby, more of a lounge type of place but decent burgers.

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            Kyoto has gone way downhill and I have found Kai oversauced and overpriced. Neither is worth the walk (1.3 and 1.4 K respectively)

            I second Boualong for Thai (.9 K) , but if you are going to go that far , you might consider Viphalay a little further East(1.5 K) .Both are good , one is home style, the other a bit more elaborate. Also in "Chinatown" the Ninh Kieu (1K) serves good vietnamese fare and the Saiwoo Garden (.9) is a good place for authentic Cantonese fare, very reasonable but open for dinner only. Spicy Garden accross the street is more HK bakery style.

            The Sankyu (.7K) is a fast sushi place of decent quality, not the restaurant that it used to be in Jasper place. If you crave sushi, you can walk to Mikado ( 1.1K), which is arguably the best sushi downtown.

            Closer to the Sutton you should check Zenari's (200 m), on the main floor of the Manulife I building, (not the food court) .If you are prepared to walk a dozen blocks try Wild Tangerine on 112 th street (1.5K). Like the Hardware Grill (.8K) and Culina ( which is probably longer than you want to walk) these last two are more unique examples of the Edmonton culinary scene.

            Lastly , the breakfast at the Daily Planet, just accross the pedway from the hotel to the Bell tower has a good reputation and can be a convenient option.

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              I'd just like to say I love how you put the distances on every place you mentioned. :)

          2. Thanks for all the ideas guys. We've made reservations for Sabor tomorrow evening, and then we plan to venture into Chinatown to find some tasty eats. I also think that the menu at One Hundred looks good and we'll probably go there nearing the end of our trip. I will try to post my opinions on each place after dining out! Thanks again! :)

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