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Aug 12, 2009 05:49 PM

Portland, ME

What are your favorite spots for lunch and dinner in Portland, ME?

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  1. Front Street

    I would usually say Duckfat is a must, but I was there two days ago and the visit dissapointed. The frites were fine but not as spectacular as I recalled. The duck gravy had a greasy taste and the confit panini was overpriced, good, but not exceptional

    Portland is a great eating town!!! Study up!~

    1. Lunch: J's Oyster
      Dinner: Caiola's

      1. Just got back from visiting friends in Cape Elizabeth. Went to the Grill Room for lunch, and thought it was really excellent. Food delicious and inventive, and we ate outside so it included great urban scene-watching as well.

          1. Emilitsa on Congress downtown for upscale Greek. Very good food, need a reservation as it is small.


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              I'll second Emilitsa -- awesome food! Bar Lola, in Munjoy Hill, is also great; Paciarino, on Fore Street, makes really good basic Italian.