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Aug 12, 2009 05:42 PM

Sunday Evening dinner in Portland or Willamette Valley

I am looking for a nice, quiet, moderately priced restaurant to celebrate my Sister's birthday on a Sunday night; I am staying at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel at 1919 NE 181st Avenue and it would be nice if it was near there . Also would like to know if there is a good restaurant associated with a winery in Willamette Valley. Thanks!

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  1. Your hotel is out in the middle of nowhere. What kind of food do you like? How far are you willing to drive? Budget? The best place in that area that fits your description might be Edgefield.

    As far as wine country dining goes, land use/zoning regulations prevent restaurants from being on farms maybe with the exception of Cana's Feast which is at their winery . Best places are Painted Lady and Joel Palmer House. Also here is a new place in McMinnville.

    1. Nick's Italian Cafe in McMinnville and Red Hills in Dundee have close ties to local winemakers, but aren't associated with wineries--I don't know if that's what you're looking for.

      The places I would go for a non-over-the-top birthday on Sunday would be Nostrana or Laurelhurst Market, but while neither is raucous, they're also not what I would call quiet. I would call them moderately-priced, but to make sure they fit your definition of "moderate" you should check sample menus available here:

      1. Nostrana and Laurelhurst Market are good recs, another one is Tabla.

        I Googled your hotel address and it is right off of I-84. Taking 84 to 205 puts you right by Country Cat. (menu changes a lot depending what is in season)