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Aug 11, 2009 12:30 AM

Shuga Hill Catering BBQ Truck in East Bay

[Note: This thread was split from the August 2009 Grocery Outlet thread -- The Chowhound Team]

I was at the Oakland store on Friday afternoon and there was a BBQ truck out front -- Shuga Hill Catering. I hadn't eaten yet so I order a rib plate which was 4 ribs and 2 sides.

The potato salad was pretty good but I made a mistake and order the bean which were canned beans. Should have gotten corn breads. Without the mistake of getting beans, the sides are probably a solid B. Any way, the BBQ was just okay like a C+.

I knew it wasn't smoked on the truck but I thought it could still be okay. I think okay is about it, the ribs were drowning in sauce. Maybe something else knows what to order at Shuga Hill, maybe brisket? .

These guys are usually in Emeryville but I didn't find out where they usually park. No info except they have a light purple truck.

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  1. They;re usually parked on that street between Pak&Save(Safeway) and Pacific Sales/Sports Authority.

    1. they're too slow for lunch service (I don't think it should take 20 minutes to serve food that's already been cooked) and the quality of food wasn't worth the wait. Tasty, but not great.

      1. A few weeks ago I had a piece of red velvet cake. It was pretty good. Cream cheese frosting and the cake was moist and not dried out like most.

        I asked one of the GO workers who was outside taking a break if it was any good. She was really enthusiastic about the fried chicken and fried fish. She had not tried the bbq.